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Annabelle Louie


While busy preparing for her Eternal Love Charity Concert 2017, Annabelle Louie has dedicated great effort in promoting the beneficiary for this concert, Alzheimer Society of BC. Alzheimer’s Society of BC is a health organization working nationwide to improve the quality of life for patients affected by Alzheimer's disease, a progressive degeneration of brain cells, affecting one's cognitive and functional abilities. Annabelle shared in Leisure Talk that through this charity concert, she wishes to help raise awareness for the disease and gather donations to provide care, support and research for this incurable but preventable disease. The interview will be aired on March 15 at 6:10pm on Fairchild Television. Be sure to stay tuned for more information on Alzheimer’s disease and Annabelle’s upcoming charity concert.

Annabelle Louie


Originally from Hong Kong, the bright and straightforward Annabelle Louie recently guested on City Chat when she challenged herself with a 20-min interview session conducted entirely in Mandarin. During the interview, Annabelle shared with Carmen Shao the joyful experience of releasing her first audiophile album “Eternal Love” in 35 years of her singing career. This hot selling album was presented with the 2016 Best Cantonese Album of the Year Award by Guangdong Musician Association. Annabelle will be performing live onstage selected tracks from this award winning HiFi album in her upcoming charity concert on April 2. For more information on the concert, make sure to stay tuned for Annabelle’s City Chat interview on March 9 at 10:15pm on Talentvision.

Linda Chung


Miss Chinese Vancouver 2003 and Miss Chinese International 2004 Linda Chung has made remarkable achievements in both her pageant journey and artistic career in the entertainment industry. Just last year, Linda married her boyfriend Jeremy in Vancouver and subsequently gave birth to their little angel Kelly. Every time Linda talks about baby Kelly, her eyes will sparkle with joy, and smile from the bottom of her heart. As a full time mother still passionate about her work, Linda returns to Hong Kong occasionally to attend various functions. While juggling between family and work, Linda also dedicates time for charity events. In March, She will perform at the 2017 Bridge to S.U.C.C.E.S.S. Gala, along with one of Canada’s promising young pianists Avan Yu to help raise funds for a good cause. Back in 2004 right after she had been crowned Miss Chinese International, Linda already made a debut at the S.U.C.C.E.S.S. Gala. 13 years later, the new mum will return to the same event as a professional artiste, giving back to the community where she grew up. Recently, the low-profile Linda especially paid a visit to the studio to meet her Fairchild family and help to promote the upcoming charity gala with the SUCCESS representative Sunny. During the interview, she has also shared her future career plans with Leisure Talk host William Ho.

Hugo Ng


Singapore born and raised Hugo Ng was a widely recognized face on Hong Kong television in the 1980s, starring in many legendary dramas such as “The Twins”, “Border Town Prodigal”, and “The Silver Fox”. Years after he left the Hong Kong Entertainment industry, Hugo returned to TVB to take part in “Brother’s Keeper II” as the main antagonist, Ko Tin-Tsau, a character driven by a boundless desire for ambition, money, power, and dominance over people around him. His villainous portrayal of the outrageous tycoon earned him great appreciation from the audience. With overwhelmingly positive feedback on his performance in “Brother’s Keeper II”, Hugo challenged himself again in “Burning Hands” as he picked up the role of Chiang Tin Lung, an arrogant and dominating former King of Gambler. Hugo managed to take a break in Vancouver to celebrate Chinese New Year with his wife Lily Chung during a business trip here, at the same time sharing his future plans with Mary and Angus in “Leisure Talk” and “What’s On”.

Sandra Lang


Legendary “Hilarious Singing Queen" Sandra Lang will throw another charity concert to raise funds and awareness for a good cause while using her unique voice to spread happiness. Having been in the music industry for decades, singing enthusiast Sandra carefully picks each song for her concerts taking into consideration feedback from her previous concerts. She jokingly said she rarely practices singing because her strength is on vocal improvisation and she loves to sing with feel, emotion, and passion. Sandra was recently interviewed on Leisure talk, and shared interesting stories throughout her singing career with Mary Lo.

Ha Yu


With over 50 years of experience in the entertainment industry, veteran Hong Kong actor Ha Yu has starred in many popular TV shows and dramas, including “Enjoy Yourself Tonight” and the “Heart of Greed” series. In 2008, he captured the title of Best Actor at the TVB Anniversary Awards for his vivid portrayal of Kam Tai Jo in Heart of Greed - Moonlight Resonance. As a follow-up to the Moonlight Resonance project 8 years ago, Ha Yu will return to TVB to film “Heart of Greed 3” with his old partners Louise Lee, Michelle Yim, and Susanna Kwan. The third installment will continue to focus on family issues, and use a Hong Kong style restaurant as the story background. In “Heart 3”, Ha Yu will challenge himself as a milk tea expert of a family-owned business. To emerge himself into the character and better his portrayal of an expert in this particular field, he has been learning and polishing his traditional milk tea making techniques. Ha Yu recently finished his concert in Vancouver, and was invited onto Leisure Talk to update fans on his life and at the same time share his excitement to take part in “Heart 3”. Accompanying him were co-performers at the concert Jennie and Annie Chung. Together they wished everyone a happy Chinese New Year.

Gigi Wong


Celebrity chef and renowned actress Gigi Wong recently returned to Vancouver for vacation while taking a break from her busy filming schedule in Hong Kong. 2016 was quite a hectic year for Gigi. Apart from participating at the new drama “Three Women, One ‘Gene’”, she also travelled around the world making various cooking shows, exploring unique local products from Singapore, Australia, and Malaysia. Her recent project “Eat a Rainbow” is a first time attempt to analyze nutritional values of food in different colours while providing cooking tips to enthusiasts. During her stay here, she paid a visit to old friends from Fairchild TV to share her recent updates and interesting stories while filming on set.

Vinci Wong


Previously lived and studied in Vancouver, Vinci returned to Hong Kong after graduating from UBC, and has been the MC for numerous variety shows such as the Tung Wah Charity Show. Vinci also hosted a popular talk show “Vinci’s Code”, inviting celebrities and industry leaders as his special guests to share their insights on style, luxury and fashion with TV viewers. As a philanthropist, Vinci contributes considerable time and effort to charity events and give back to the community. Just last year, he travelled to Vancouver to host the annual telethon for Richmond Hospital Foundation. This year, Vinci participated at Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant 2016 as the MC, and was invited to “Leisure Talk” and “What’s On” to share his life as a newlywed and upcoming plans.

Ms. Lynn Hsieh


An active philanthropist, legendary Taiwanese artistes Lynn Hsieh has been awarded numerous times for her outstanding performance, including the Asian Film Festival and twice at the Golden Horse Award. During the peak of her career, Ms. Hsieh decided to get married and start a happy family, subsequently had 5 adorable children. Proficient in English, calligraphy, painting and dance, Ms. Hsieh dedicates a considerable amount of time and effort on charitable works in the community, some of which include organizing a dance performance and an oil painting exhibition to raise funds for the underprivileged, and making a donation to China to finance school construction and subsidize education for children in extreme poverty. Earlier this month, Ms. Hsieh was invited to Vancouver as the judge for Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant 2016 and sat down with “Leisure Talk” and “City Chat” hosts to share her memorable life experience.

Mak Cheung Ching


Prominent TVB figure Mak Cheung Ching recently travelled to Vancouver for the very first time as Special Guest Performer for Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant 2016. Mak made his first TV appearance on the popular children program “Flash Fax”, and slowly worked his way up from an extra to supporting roles, eventually winning the Best Male Supporting Actor Award in the 2010 TVB Anniversary Award for his superb portrayal of the main antagonist, Leung Fei-fan in the drama “No Regrets”. Earlier last year, he co-hosted a cooking program “Feastival a la Stars” with Eliza Sam and received overwhelmingly positive response. An instant hit among housewives, his new TVB program “Bazaar Carnivals” has further strengthened his good-man image. During his short trip, Mak was invited by “Leisure Talk” and “What’s On” to share his feelings and thoughts as a guest performer at a pageant for the first time.