Chasing Star


Sharon Lam


A veteran assistant director, Sharon Lam participated in the filming of classic movies Rumble in the Bronx, The Warlords, The Forbidden Kingdom, and many more. Despite her achievements in the film industry, Sharon decided to return to school to study Creative Media and begin her path as an independent movie director. Her graduate project, Acid, based on the 2011 Mongkok Acid Attack, was awarded Special Prize at the Hong Kong International Film Festival 2012. In her recent Leisure Talk interview, Sharon flashed back on how she stepped away from commercial film and entered the independent film industry.

Jack Wang


After signing Shaw Brothers Pictures International Limited in early 2017, Project Boyz Power Vancouver 2016 Champion, Jack Wang debuted as an actor in his first online drama, Flying Tiger. Filming under the burning sun for 4 months, Jack now looks stronger and more muscular than before. He recently returned to Vancouver to start preparing for law school entrance exam, hoping to obtain the best grade to apply for world-famous schools. The handsome gentleman guested on Leisure Talk to share interesting behind-the-scenes stories with host Mary Lo and revealed that he was thrilled to work with Eddie Cheung and Bosco Wong.

Linda Chung & Gloria Tang


Miss Chinese Vancouver 2003 Linda Chung and 2012 Gloria Tang have made incredible achievements through winning the Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant and Miss Chinese International Pageant, ultimately becoming notable TVB artistes. Both returned to Fairchild recently as special guests at the TVBAnywhere Mobile Apps launch party and sat down for an interview with William Ho. Linda expressed her excitement filming the TVB 50th Anniversary drama “At the Threshold of a New Era” and collaborating with Frankie Lam again 11 years later. On the other hand, Gloria shared how she injured her back while filming the online drama “The Exorcist's Meter”, which left her with no alternative but to forfeit her participation at another TVB Anniversary drama “My Ages Apart”. However, this misfortune may have been a blessing in disguise, as she was casted for a role in “At the Threshold of a New Era”, and given the opportunity to work with one of her favorite Miss Chinese Vancouver idols Linda.

Frankie Lam


Returning to TVB years later to film “My Unfair Lady”, Frankie Lam received great appreciation for his role in the drama. With an increase in popularity again, Frankie is collaborating with the producer of “My Unfair Lady” to film the TVB 50th Anniversary drama “At the Threshold of a New Era”. Recently, the crew was on location in Vancouver. What’s On made a trip to visit the crew, and had a chance to interview Frankie who reminisced about filming with Linda Chung 11 years ago. Be sure to stay tuned for his interview, as well as the “At the Threshold of a New Era” filming behind-the-scenes.

Ko Tin-Lung, Edmond Lo


Art Director of Hong Kong Chung Ying Theatre Company Ko Tin-Lung, and Assistant Art Director Edmond Lo recently returned to Vancouver with “Tuesdays with Morrie” at the Gateway Theatre Pacific Festival. A very well-known figure in the Hong Kong theatrical drama industry, Ko Tin-Lung joined Hong Kong Repertory Theatre as a full-time actor in the 80’s. He developed a great interest in directing during that time, and ultimately, started his professional life as a screenwriter, director, and actor. Ko Sir’s most successful productions include “I Have A Date With Spring”, “The Mad Phoenix”, and “Tuesday with Morrie”. Over the past ten years,” Tuesday with Morrie” has toured around nine major cities and has been performed more than 150 times. As the 23rd run of “Tuesday with Morrie”, the Vancouver production will feature two main casts, including Edmond Lo as the student, and Ko Sir as the professor. Ten years ago, Edmond appeared in Vancouver for the first time in the exact same play, so local audience already had a feel of his excellent acting skills. During their Leisure Talk interview, Ko Sir and Edmond shared some of the meanings behind “Tuesday with Morrie”, and why this play is still popular even after ten years.

Maur Yeung


Miss Hong Kong 1991 “Miss Popularity Award” winner Maur Yeung is now a very optimistic and outgoing mother. But behind her sweet smile hides a painful story. During her interview with Leisure Talk host William Ho, Maur shared her compelling experience competing in Miss Hong Kong Pageant, working in the entertainment industry, and finally returning to school. Her life turned upside down after her father was murdered, subsequently followed by her own divorce and diagnosis with cancer. It was the most difficult time in her life, as she faced all the challenges alone while taking caring of her daughter. She felt lost and helpless. Out of all the unwise decisions, one correct choice she made was bringing her daughter to church. Not only did her life values change, but her mindset had also become more positive and open. She later met her current loving husband, Together they formed a trio with Maur’s daughter named “Three Happy People without A Father”, and traveled around to hold sermon and spread positive messages.

Angel Chan, Charlie Cho


Hosts of the 1970s Rediffusion Television program “True Facts About The Owl”, Charlie Cho and Angel Chan, were interviewed on Leisure Talk to share with viewers the untold stories of the Hong Kong entertainment industry in the past few decades. Charlie Cho launched his career in the entertainment business after filming a brandy commercial. With an over-acting approach as his trademarks, Charlie became a popular figure in the pornography films industry. After stepping down from his acting career, Charlie focused more on shows in Mainland, China. He was grateful that some of the young viewers back then who had became bosses today invited him to perform for their events now. Charlie would give out some of his movies on DVD as a token of appreciation for his fans’ support. His partner in “True Facts About The Owl” Angel Chan is also a well-known actress in the pornography film industry. In fact, she was one of the pioneers in this field. Angel now spends most of her time giving back to the community and volunteering at different charity organizations.

Fred Cheung


One of the directors in Moving Picture Company and a musicNEXT artist, multi-talented Fred Cheung is a singer, actor, and director all-in-one. The Vancouver-born artist graduated from Queen’s University with a Film major and Psychology minor, and studied in New York Film Academy in L.A. Fred debuted as a singer in 2013, released his first song “1880”, and subsequently took home the “Metro Radio Hits King of New Singers Award”. In recent years, Fred has begun taking part in microfilms. Among all that he starred, “The Man and The Manager” won “Microfilm Best Actor” Gold Award and “Best Microfilm Production” Bronze Award. Fred returned to Vancouver some time ago to visit family and friends, and was interviewed on Leisure Talk and City Chat where he shared the reason behind his switch from majoring in Psychology to Film and the difference between working behind-the-scene verses starring in a movie.

Frances Yip


Legendary singer Frances Yip won the hearts of fans in Hong Kong after capturing the championship at the talent quest “The Night of Sharp”, where she caught the attention from judge and composer, Joseph Koo who subsequently gave her the opportunity to sing commercial jingles written by himself. Her signature tune “Shanghai Beach” has earned her international fame for over 37 years. Always committed to giving back to the community, Frances was invited for the 6th time by The S.U.C.C.E.S.S. Foundation to perform at the “2017 Frances Yip Success Charity Concert”. Returning to Vancouver two years later, Frances shared with Leisure Talk, City Chat, and What’s On her latest updates. During the interviews, Frances expressed that she is always looking for a breakthrough in every performance. She once completely changed the style and feeling of “Shanghai Beach” by incorporating some jazzy element into the song. Though it was an interesting new try, Frances still prefers the original version

Dino @ Soler


Dino from Hong Kong-based rock duo Soler recently travelled to Vancouver and was invited onto Leisure Talk to share new updates with viewers. Dino was excited to announce that Soler will be releasing three Cantonese songs after 3 years, as well as hosting a mini concert in Italy. Dino frankly said that taking the concert to the global level does not only help to promote cultural exchange between Chinese and Western music but also increase their works’ presence internationally. When asked whether they will perform songs in different languages, Dino said, “Of course! Aside from Cantonese, Mandarin, and English songs, we will also be singing in Italian and Spanish!” To know more about Dino’s recent updates, be sure to stay tuned for his interview on Leisure Talk!