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News and information can now be easily accessed from many different sources. However, with all the exposure to information, it may be difficult to fully process and understand everything we come across.

In light of this, Chatting Platform produced by Fairchild TV, will discuss a variety of topics on currents events, political affairs, and issues that affect Canadians. Commentators and professionals will be invited to explore matters in detail. Through in-depth analysis, the program will delve into the center of problems and provide a platform for audiences reconsider issues of concern. Chatting Platform will be on Fairchild TV every Sunday at 8:35PM.

Topic of the week

Since the Presidential Election in USA last year, there have been rumors saying Russia has compromising materials in hand against President Trump. Recently, American internet media company Buzzfeed leaked a complete yet unconfirmed document which caught the interest of major news outlets. This got Trump to respond vigorously and he even criticized CNN journalists for reporting fake news. What does this document carry? Do the media diverge from news ethics when they handle and report news? Share your thoughts with us!

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