Weekend Features  FTV

TVB Program Presentation 2018

FTV1 December 24th Sunday 9:00pm

Diva Liza 50-Year Special

FTV1 December 17th Sunday 9:00 pm

TVB Star Awards Malaysia 2017

FTV1 Dec.10 Sunday (Van) 9:00pm

Ms. Chinese (Van) Pageant 2017

(West End) FTV1 Dec 8 Friday 7:55pm (East End) FTV1 Dec.10 Sunday 9:00pm

Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant 2017 inspired by this year’s theme “Embrace Your Childhood Dream”, the 10 contestants are pursuing their dreams on the Pageant stage after undergoing a wide spectrum of intensive training. The life-changing experience will completely transform them and equip them with the strength, courage and passion to reach for the stars.

StarHub TVB Awards 2017

FTV1 December 3rd Sunday 9:00pm

TVB 50th Anniversary Gala

FTV1 November 26th Sunday 9:00 pm

Yan Oi Tong Charity Show 2017

FTV1 Nov.19 Sun 9:00pm