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Sunshine Nation 2017

FTV1 Sept.24th Sunday 10:00pm

Organized by Fairchild Radio with Media Asia as Music Partner, the Sunshine Nation Singing Contest welcomes 16 to 28 years old males and females to participate. 8 finalists will compete for the Champion, Talent Award, Best Performance and Online People’s Choice Award on August 25, 8pm at Michael J. Fox Theatre. Who will be the next superstar?

Miss Hong Kong Pageant 2017

FTV1 Sept.17th Sunday 9:00pm

Mon Sheung Fundraising Show 2017

FTV1 Sept.10th Sunday 8:10pm

The Mon Sheong Telethon is a nationally broadcasted program that airs during prime time and reaches more than 40% of Chinese Canadians. Viewers are able to develop a better understanding of our work through the inspiring stories of our residents, students, and volunteers. We are delighted by the enthusiastic support we receive every year, thanks to donors across North America and even worldwide.

Amazing Summer Splash

FTV1 Aug 27th, Sept 3rd Sunday 9:00pm

Here comes the sizzling summer again, meaning it’s time to eat, to drink, to play, to have an amazing time! To welcome the summer holiday, a group of energetic, young artistes engage in a series of fun-filled games to bring audience the most amusing and refreshing special summer programme — Amazing Summer Splash! Getting out of Hong Kong, they go all the way to Foshan and Huizhou in China to battle it out; from the hotel to the restaurant, from the beach to the street, from the market to popular tourist spots, the participating artistes give their all to compete in a variety of exciting, hilarious games in and out of the water. The defeated ones even have to be penalised but in uproarious ways, all for the sake of bringing audience an entertaining show, a jolly summer!

The Big Big Channel Nite

FTV1 August 20th Sunday 9:00pm

Project Boyz Power Vancouver 2017

FTV1 August 13th Sunday 9:00pm

After overcoming rounds of challenges during the audition, successful candidates have entered into the game as Project Boyz Power Vancouver finalists. The eight chosen finalists are of absolute top quality; multitalented with diverse backgrounds, including professional athlete, performing arts student, the rising star with film production background, a 16-year-old boy-next-door, and an energetic sunshine boy from Calgary. The eight handsome contestants are now fully immersed in training in all aspects, ready to transform themselves from ordinary to extraordinary for the Final on July 29th.