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  • Short End Of The Stick

    With the end of the millennia-long imperial period, three exempted palace eunuchs, LEE SUK-KUNG (Wayne Lai), TAN TIN (Chan Kwok Bong) and CHAN SIU-FUNG (Raymond Cho) are struggling to live a normal life. Unfortunately, they run in ...

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  • Nirvana In Fire

    Twelve years ago, the Liang’s Commanding General LIN XIE alongside his only son LIN SHU led his troops to fight the Yu armies. Court official XIA JIANG (Wang Yongquan) conspired with the others to present fabricated evidence to Em ...

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  • Come Home Love

    MA FU (Lau Tan) , Correctional Services officer, moves in with his sons after retirement. FU treats his family members like prisoners without himself realizing it. To MA CHONG (Lai Lok Yi), his youngest son, home is no different t ...

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