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  • Law dis-Order

    As the founder of the leading Chinese law firm, CHEUK KAI-YIU (Lau Dan) has been re-elected as chairman of the committee for many terms. Though he promised managing partner LAU KING-CHANG (Liu Kai Chi) that he would step down, he ...

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  • Come Home Love : Dinner At 8

    With the TV station that KOO HIU-SUN (Wayne Lai) works for in turmoil, the management appoints WAN FEI-FEI (Florence Kwok) the general manager to carry out a reform. The women's lifestyle show produced by HIU-SUN is the first to ...

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  • Jungmyung, the Princess of Light

    Prince Gwanghae, son of a concubine, usurps the Joseon throne from his father King Seonjo's direct bloodline. Gwanghae executes the favored legitimate son, and exiles his half-sister Princess Jeongmyeong. Banished from the palace, ...

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