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Phoenix Rising   

  • May 29

  • 20

  • Mon-Fri (VAN) 10:00am, 5:30pm (TOR) 1:00pm, 8:30pm Sat-Sun (VAN) 9:00am, 3:00pm(TOR) 12:00pm, 6:00pm

  • So Yuk Wah, Louisa Tin Yui Nei Tong Ling, Leila Chan Kam Hung,Sunny Wong Chi Yin Chan Man Nan Yiu Ying Ying Li Lai Lai


The rich bride-to-be YIM PUI-WU (SO YUK WAH, LOUISA) is arrested and thrown in jail for the murder of her adoptive mother shortly before her wedding. By coincidence, she is reunited with her long-lost younger sister SO FEI (TONG LING, LEILA), who is now a probation officer, and thus with her elder sister KONG LAI-NGA (TIN YUI NEI). Desperate to prove WU’s innocence, NGA and FEI bustle around every day to look for evidence.

But things do not go quite the way they hope. NGA is pregnant with her boyfriend YIN LEUNG (CHAN KAM HUNG, SUNNY), but she is diagnosed with an incurable disease after her son is born. Knowing that her life is coming to an end, NGA decides to take the blame and undergo imprisonment for WU. FEI continues with the investigation but is shocked to discover that NGA’s medical report is a made-up one, which in fact is part of a conspiracy by WU. FEI cannot imagine why WU has suddenly become so heartless.

Helping NGA out of the sufferings in prison, FEI decides to help her escape. To eliminate all those who stand in her way, WU is resolved to do away with NGA. WU’s evil deeds have finally caused her beloved husband CHEUNG CHI-HOI (WONG CHI YIN) to lose his family, about which she feels so guilty. WU, NGA and FEI are to face the threat of jail and their destiny seems to be tied to the prison forever…