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Eternal Love    Trailer

  • May 8

  • 58

  • Mon-Fri (Van) 4:30pm, 8:30pm(Tor) 7:30pm, 11:30pm Sat(Van) 2:00pm, 9:30pm (Tor)5:00pm 12:30am

  • Yang Mi, Mark Chao, Ken Chang, Dilraba Dilmurat, Lian Yiming, Maggie Huang


The youngest daughter of the Fox King of Qing Qiu, BAI QIAN (Yang Mi), is sent to the mortal realm, where she meets and falls in love with the Crown Prince of the Nine Heavens, YE HUA (Mark Chao), and is brought to the Nine Heavens. SU JIN (Maggie Huang), who is jealous of YE HUA's love for BAI QIAN, sows discord between them, not only making BAI QIAN think YE HUA is indifferent to her, but also causing BAI QIAN to lose her eyes. Devastated, BAI QIAN has all her memories wiped and jumps off from the Zhu Xian Terrace after giving birth. A hundred years later, the two meet again at the Eastern Sea. YE HUA recognizes BAI QIAN and regains her affection, thus awakening her memories. To exact revenge on SU JIN, BAI QIAN gouges her eyes, but falls into her trap again. To save BAI QIAN, YE HUA challenges the Demon Lord QING CANG (Lian Yiming) to a duel, but his soul is destroyed, leaving BAI QIAN in endless remorse. Fortunately, three years later, destiny brings them back together……