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2016 Year Ender on FTV


2016 Financial Review: December 28 (Wednesday) 11:00pm – 11:30pm

Many say 2016 has been the year of black swans. A number of unexpected events such as Brixit and Donald Trump elected as president of the US have already triggered short-term impacts to the economy. US stocks hitting new height, Hong Kong housing market facing new challenges, RMB depreciating and demoting, and Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect launch in December are all closely related to the livelihood of the Hong Kong residents.

 2016 World Political Review: December 29 (Thursday) 10:00pm – 10:30pm

The year of 2016 has been a year of turmoil. Some of the incidents that caught global attention include the major terrorist attacks in Belgium and France, the unforeseen results of the British referendum and the US presidential election, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte “befriending China while alienating the US”, the passing of King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand and Cuba's former president Fidel Castro.

Year Ender-Canada in 2016: December 30 (Friday) 10:00pm – 11:00pm      

Produced by FTV and TTV News Team, the “Year Ender-Canada in 2016” will review the major events that affected the everyday life of Canadians in the past year. Some of the highlights include the exchange of visits between the Chinese Premier and Canadian Prime Minister; the legalization of medical assistance in dying; the federal government's approval of the two major pipeline projects; the forced imposition of the carbon tax; the wildfire in Fort McMurray in Alberta prompting evacuation of nearly 90,000 residents and resulting in an economic loss of at least 3.6 billion dollars; the real estate prices in Vancouver and Toronto reaching new heights; introduction of B.C.’s new foreign buyer property tax; and the passing of former Toronto mayor Rob Ford.  

2016 China and Taiwan Political Review: January 3. 2017 (Tuesday) 10:00pm – 10:30pm

The Sixth Plenary Session of the 18th Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee was held in 2016 reaffirming the effort by General Secretary Xi Jinping on anti-corruption. Democratic Progressive Party winning the Taiwan Election but with a declining popularity of President Tsai Ing Wen ever since and the South China Sea arbitration case escalating tensions between different regions.

2016 Hong Kong Political Review: January 5, 2017 (Thursday) 10:00pm – 11:00pm

Hong Kong residents experienced several disturbing events this year, including the Mong Kok riot during Chinese New Year; the bewildering Causeway Bay bookstore incident; Legislative Council oath storm triggering the fifth National People's Congress interpretation; a mini-storage fire taking the lives of two firefighters; the shutdown of Asia Television on April 1st; and the 2017 Hong Kong Chief Executive election campaigns.

Miss Chinese Vancouver Winners visit Richmond Food Bank


As a longtime supporter of charity events, Fairchild Television does encourage its staff to celebrate the spirit of giving during the holiday season by donating non-perishable food and daily necessities to the Richmond Food Bank. All thanks to the generosity from our staff, boxfuls of donations were collected at the annual Christmas Party. On behalf of Fairchild TV, Miss Chinese Vancouver 2016 Maria, 1st Runner-up Prenda and 2nd Runner-up Sherry delivered the items to Richmond Food Bank, which offers residents living in poverty a chance to enjoy a warm and healthy winter. Richmond Food Bank is very grateful for the kindness from Fairchild TV staff for the past five years. In addition to the food donation, the Miss Chinese Vancouver winner also acted as a role model for people to come forth and help those in need.


Fairchild Television Christmas Party


With Christmas just around the corner, Fairchild Television brought together all staff and artistes at the Christmas party this week to celebrate the holiday season. Advisory Board members joined in to have fun with the Fairchild family the first time this year. Of course, there is no party without good food, fun games, and most important of all, lucky draw! Since Christmas is also the time to express love and care to others, all guests were encouraged to donate non-perishable food items or daily necessities before the party started to help the underprivileged in our community. The newly crowned Miss Chinese Vancouver Maria along with 1st Runner-up Prenda and 2nd Runner-up Sherry were also there to feel the festivities.


While welcoming new members, it was also the moment for FTV to recognize and show gratitude for those who have served the company for decades. President of Fairchild Media Group Mr. Joe Chan presented the Long Term Service Award to dutiful employees for their dedication for the past 10 years or more.


Last but not least was the most anticipated lucky draw with amazing prizes. The fun-filled evening was wrapped up in the midst of boundless laughter and cheers among staff and guests.


Miss Chinese Vancouver Maria Rincon Volunteers at Richmond Care Skate


Apart from preparing for the Miss Chinese International Pageant 2017, the newly crowned Miss Chinese Vancouver 2016 Maria Rincon has been very committed to charitable events in the community. Maria recently participated at a free skating event organized by Richmond Care which offered children from low income families a chance to enjoy the fun of skating. Maria volunteered as an ice skating teaching assistant and encouraged children to skate freely and have fun. Santa Claus made a surprise appearance gifting the children with Christmas presents while skating with them, and spreading love in the community.


Miss Chinese Vancouver Winners Interview


Shortly after the Pageant, the newly crowned Miss Chinese Vancouver 2016 Maria Rincon, along with 1st Runner-up Prenda Wang and 2nd Runner-up Sherry Xue, has already committed to charitable events in the community. At the same time, the ladies were busy with media interviews. Together with the other two winners Phoebe Kut and Maggie Yu, they were invited to Leisure Talk to share precious memories during the Final. Maria also gave a sneak preview on her preparation for the international pageant when competing with other strong contenders from all over the world. Stay tuned for their Leisure Talk interview on December 20 (Tuesday) at 6:15pm, as well as Maria’s radio interview on December 18 (Sunday) at 2:00pm on FM96.1 R&B High Tea.


Miss Chinese Vancouver 2016 Wrap Up


Fairchild Television has organized an appreciation dinner to show gratitude for the support from the sponsors and dedication from the professional team behind Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant 2016. To see behind-the-scenes of the appreciation dinner and how the MCVP contestants cheered for Champion Maria as she prepares for the 2017 Miss Chinese International Pageant, make sure to tune into “MCVP 2016 Wrap Up” aired on Fairchild TV on December 18 (Sunday) at 7:55pm.


Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant Appreciation Dinner


Fairchild TV takes pride in bringing local beauties to the world stage through the annual Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant. The success to this spectacular production can be attributed to the several months of hard work and dedication from the Fairchild team along with the sponsors’ support. Immediately after the Final, Fairchild Television organized an appreciation dinner to acknowledge the contributions from the sponsors and the devotion from the professional MCVP team and the contestants. This was also the first time the MCVP contestants gathered since December 8. Not only did the ladies spend a lot of time catching up and taking selfies, but also cheer for Champion Maria Rincon as she prepares to compete in the 2017 Miss Chinese International Pageant in Malaysia. Fairchild TV would like to wish her the best of luck at the upcoming competition and bring pride to Vancouver again!

Miss Chinese Vancouver 2016 Winners
Volunteer at UGM Christmas Dinner


Right after the Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant 2016 Final, Champion Maria Rincon, 1st Runner-up Prenda Wang, and 2nd Runner-up Sherry Xue, only relaxed for one day before committing to their first charitable activity on Saturday. Along with Project Boyz Power Vancouver Audition Champion Jack Wang, the three kindhearted ladies volunteered at the Union Gospel Mission annual Christmas Dinner, serving warm Christmas meals to residents at Vancouver downtown east side. Despite the chilly weather, they were excited to be able to spread warmth and love as they brought delicious food to the dining tables and served hot coffee for the guests to enjoy while wishing everybody a happy and warm Christmas.


#4 Maria Rincon crowned Miss Chinese Vancouver 2016


Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant 2016 hosted by Fairchild TV has successfully concluded at the Vancouver Convention Centre on December 8th. #4 Maria Rincon was crowned Miss Chinese Vancouver 2016, My Dream Girl Award, Dazzling Flair Award and Charming Smile Award, with #1 Prenda Wang capturing the titles of 1st Runner-up and #7 Sherry Xue 2nd Runner-up respectively. Every year, Fairchild TV is donating the Pageant production to a different charity organization as its entertainment for a fund-raising gala. As the legacy of the Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant continues, Richmond Hospital Foundation is named the beneficiary of the MCVP Gala Dinner 2016. President and CEO of Richmond Hospital Foundation Natalie D. Meixner presented a plaque of appreciation to Mr. Thomas Fung, Chairman and CEO of Fairchild Group to express their gratitude towards the generous support by Fairchild TV. The dinner gala has raised $1,600, 000, which will benefit the new replacement patient care tower.

After three months of training, the 10 contestants were glamorously transformed into dazzling stars and were ready to ignite their magical beauty at the Final. Coping with the theme for this year’s production, the stage became a platform for the magical journey in which the contestants were engaged, while taking the audience through a spectacular adventure in search of the next MCVP Champion.

The evening was unveiled with a mesmerizing magic show performed by the tremendously gifted local magician Oslen comprising a series of large scale illusions incorporating beautiful ladies, flames, dance, and arrows penetrating through the body. To their audience’s amazement, Oslen magically made Miss Chinese International 2016 Champion Jennifer Coosemans’ grand entrance onto the stage with a magnificent dance number, officially kicking off the Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant 2016 Final.

They then transformed into elegant magicians at “Shining Beauty from Within” segment as they danced and sang with the handsome boys from Project Boyz Power. With great positive energies, they hoped to encourage everyone to put their phones down, spend time with their loved ones and enjoy the beautiful environment.

Next up, the contestants were introduced by the MCs of the night, versatile artiste Vinci Wong and popular program host Fred Liu. They first showed off a classy and fabulous sense of style in colorful couture.

In the blink of an eye, the contestants travelled back to a traditional Shanghai photo studio in modern yet elegant cheongsam, embracing a fusion of the Eastern and Western fashions. Magic is all about breaking away from conventions. Instead of the routine Q&A at the swimwear segment, the contestants confronted a nerve-wracking but exciting round of Q&A session in cheongsam. To test their eloquence, the questions revolved around their most memorable experience.

Then it was time to show off their individual talents. #1 Prenda Wang, nurtured by a family with performance background, played the Chinese zither while performing a ballet dance, an east-meet-west presentation; the energetic and athletic #2 Irene Cheng transformed into a classical Indian beauty for an unique and energetic Bollywood dance.


#3 Cecilia Pan’s lively Korean-pop dance in an amazing light-up costume wowed the audience; half Columbian and half Chinese #4 Maria Rincon performed a rap followed by a powerful energetic hip hop dance.


Endowed with both beauty and wisdom, Beijing Tsinghua University Masters student #5 Maggie Yu’s cup song performance was both rhythmic and fun; the youngest among the ten, 19 years old #6 Venessa Li used long colorful ribbons to blend in with sharp and strong movements earning her rounds of thunderous applause; graduated from the renowned Shanghai Conservatory of Music.


#7 Sherry Xue sang a classical number from a Broadway musical with her wonderful voice and overflowing emotions; #8 Katrina Shi appeared as a passionate Latin dancer with exotic and sensual Latin rhythms


With a strong dance background, #9 Phoebe Kut expressed extreme flexibility through a modern ribbon dance incorporating complex choreography; don't be fooled by #10 Lily Wong's delicate and petite physique as her Taiko Japanese drum performance surprised the audience with a series of loud, hard, and fast choreographed movements.


After their individual talent performance, the 10 beautiful contestants performed a K-pop dance with Jeffrey and Chris from Project Boyz Power, boosting heat and excitements. 

After a quick change, the contestants emerged on stage with charming bikinis and travelled back in time to the mysterious country in “One Thousand and One Nights” as they borrowed the magical power of Aladdin lamp to wish everyone a better tomorrow followed by a stunning evening gown parade.


An extraordinary event like Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant has invited the “extraordinary” Mak Cheung Ching as the special guest performer. Mak first sang "Old Loves Like a Dream", lessening the tension of the competition with his lively singing and then "Those were the Days", "The Flowery Heart", and ended his performance with "999 Roses" as he gifted each contestant a rose to show appreciation for their remarkable effort and dedication on the Pageant.

All contestants excelled throughout the competition with their own uniqueness and talents, making it extra hard to pick the winner. After considerable thoughts, our judge panel, composed of legendary actress Ms. Lynn Hsieh from Hong Kong, who has been very committed to charitable works in the community, along with renowned movie and TV star Mr. Patrick Poon, table tennis Paralympian Ms. Stephanie Chan, notable artist Mr. Aixinjueluo Yu Ting, and Miss Chinese Vancouver 2013 Champion and Miss Chinese International Pageant 2014 1st Runner-Up Ms. Cindy Zhong, selected the winner of this year's 11 awards. The winners of the Pageant are as follows:

Champion - #4 Maria Rincon
1st Runner-Up - #1 Prenda Wang
2nd Runner-Up - #7 Sherry Xue
Anna International Perfect Silhouette Award - #7 Sherry Xue
Yubao Red Reishi Miss Photogenic - #1 Prenda Wang
Beauty Court Sparkling New Star Award - #9 Phoebe Kut
Airland My Dream Girl Award - #4 Maria Rincon
Dairn Shane Outstanding Intelligence Award - #5 Maggie Yu
Korea HanYinHong Contemporary Beauty Award - #1 Prenda Wang
Lugaro Jewellers Dazzling Flair Award - #4 Maria Rincon
Dr. Bee Charming Smile Award - #4 Maria Rincon

Tonight's Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant 2016 has concluded with great success. Winner Maria Rincon will be representing Vancouver in the upcoming Miss Chinese International Pageant 2017 held in Malaysia. We wish Maria the best of luck in the upcoming competition, bringing pride to Vancouver, and carrying on the beautiful legacy.

Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant 2016
Special Guests Mak Cheung Ching and Vinci Wong Press Conference


Organized by Fairchild Television, the prestigious Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant 2016 Final is just a couple of days away. The 10 beautiful finalists is about to step onto the dazzling pageant stage to ignite their magical beauty on December 8. Leading these girls on stage are MC’s Vinci Wong and Fred Liu. Together with special guest performer Mak Cheung Ching, they will bring you an amazing and unforgettable evening.


The two special guests Vinci Wong and Mak Cheung Ching met with friends and fans in Vancouver the very first time at the Press Conference. MC Mary Lo greeted them with a warm welcome and thanked them for travelling all the way from Hong Kong to participate in the Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant 2016. Having just hosted the annual Tung Wah Charity Show until 3am on the day he took off, Vinci still looked refreshed and energetic after the long haul flight. He was delighted to return to the city he grew up in and be a part of the annual charity event. Just last year, he came back here to be the program host of the Richmond Hospital Telethon produced by Fairchild TV. Co-incidentally, Richmond Hospital Foundation is named the beneficiary of this year’s MCVP Gala Dinner. Immigrated to Vancouver as a teenager, Vinci returned to Hong Kong after graduating from UBC, and has since MCed numerous variety shows and pageants including the Tung Wah Charity Show. As an experienced master of ceremonies with abundant stage experiences, Vinci provided useful tips for the Finalists, such as smiling confidently when tackling unexpected situations on stage.

The extraordinary Mak Cheung Ching has joined TVB for almost 30 years and manifesting incredible acting talent throughout his career. Earlier last year, he hosted a cooking program “Feastival a la Stars” with Eliza Sam and received immense positive feedbacks. His recent job at “Bazaar Carnivals” has once again greatly increased his popularity in the community. MC Mary praised Mak for his good-man image which has made him a favorite among housewives, and also congratulated him for winning the first cash prize at the TVB Anniversary Special. With fortune smiling on him, the high rating of “Bazaar Carnivals” will be followed shortly by a sequel “Bazaar Carnivals 2”. As a pageant performing guest, Mak was asked what his impressions are of Canadian girls. Although this is Mak’s first time in Vancouver, he has previously worked with many Miss Chinese Vancouver champions, including Linda Chung, Eliza Sam, Leanne Li, and Bernice Liu. All of these Vancouver beauties are cheerful, genuine, friendly and hardworking. Mak is excited about performing with their successors.

In addition to welcoming the two special guests, Fairchild TV has also prepared a little celebration for the December birthday boy Mak by surprising him with a large birthday bun. 


Wrapping up, President of Fairchild Media Group Mr. Joe Chan presented the two special guests with a souvenir and wished for a successful show. Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant 2016 Final will be held on December 8 (Thursday) at Vancouver Convention Centre. The Final will be broadcasted live on Fairchild TV, Talentvision and www.fairchildtv.com at 7:55pm. Make sure to follow MCVP Facebook and Instagram for instant updates and firsthand information on the Final.


MCVP Final Rehearsal


There are only four days and less than 100 hours to go before the 10 gorgeous ladies compete for the crown as Miss Chinese Vancouver 2016. Recently, they participated at the final rehearsal in preparation for the Final on December 8. With the theme of “Shine Bright and Ignite the Magical Beauty” in mind, the production team has included many magical elements into the Final and added surprises on the swimwear and cheongsam segments. Collaborating with the handsome boys from Project Boyz Power was another novel and interesting experience for the finalists. Together, the charming gentlemen and gorgeous ladies will create the most wonderful chemistry onstage. With more than 10 years of dancing background, many of the contestants greatly impressed the crew members at the rehearsal, earning them overwhelming round of applause.


Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant Final hosted at Vancouver Convention Centre on December 8 will be broadcasted live at 7:55pm on Fairchild Television, Talentvision and Fairchild website. Make sure to follow MCVP Facebook and Instagram for instant updates and firsthand information on the Pageant progress. Stay tuned to witness the birth of Miss Chinese Vancouver 2016 Champion!

MCVP 8th Magical Transformation


Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant Final is just around the corner. In the midst of their busy rehearsal schedule, the finalists recently tried on individually tailored evening gowns to highlight their perfect figures and dazzling high heels to accentuate their legs. With the hard work from Image Director Betty, the young beauties have magically transformed into classy elegant ladies. The 10 finalists will grace the MCVP Final stage with a variety of images, including evening gown, cheongsam, swimwear, and much more. To find out how amazing they will emerge onstage, make sure to stay tuned for the MCVP Final on December 8.


MCVP Beauty One-on-One


Looking back at the past 3 months, the finalists cannot believe that the pageant journey is passing by in the blink of an eye. Counting down to the Final on December 8, the finalists will reflect on memorable chapters throughout the competition. To find out how they conquered rounds of challenges, and stepped out of their comfort zone to better themselves, make sure to stay tuned for the 5-episode “Beauty One-on-One”.

In addition, “The Making of the Beautiful” will be aired two days prior to the Final to recap the iconic moments and behind-the-scenes footages of this amazing journey.

Fairchild Television
“Beauty One-on-One” – November 30, December 1, 2, 3, 5 at 9:55pm
“The making of the Beautiful” – December 6, 7 at 9:55pm


MCVP Volunteers at Richmond Cares


The Love journey of the Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant finalists continued after the visit to S.U.C.C.E.S.S. Simon K.Y. Lee Seniors Care Home as they volunteered at the Christmas fund-raising event organized by Richmond Cares Foundation on a chilly winter morning. They brought along some toys to the gift donation collection station to be distributed to children from low-income families. Along with a group of RCMP, firemen, paramedics and community nurses, the finalists encouraged citizens to donate and work together to share a warm Christmas to the underprivileged kids.


Miss Chinese Vancouver Tours Richmond hospital


Richmond Hospital Foundation has been selected as the beneficiary of the Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant Gala 2016 with the donations going towards a new replacement patient care tower project. Recently, Richmond Hospital Foundation has invited the 10 finalists for a tour to learn more about the Hospital. President and CEO of Richmond Hospital Foundation Natalie D. Meixner greeted the finalists with a warm welcome and expressed sincere gratitude for their dedication and hard work to put together an extraordinary performance at the MCVP Final on December 8.

During the tour, the increasingly popular minimally invasive surgery (MIS) was introduced to the contestants. Before entering the operating room, they were equipped with sterile gowns and gloves. Aside from watching a thorough demonstration on how to use the equipments, the girls also had a chance to operate themselves. Their concentration was put to a test as they directed their focus on the screen while controlling the equipments with their hands. As MIS is employing the 3D technology to enhance the surgeon’s peripheral depth during a surgery, the finalists had the opportunity to wear 3D glasses to experience and see clearly the three-dimensional image of body tissues. Not only has this memorable experience widened their horizon, it has also provided them with a deeper understanding of the importance of professional training that the medical staff undergo. Shortly after, they were guided to the Otolaryngology Division as Dr. Lillian Wong demonstrated an endoscopic examination of the middle ear structures. #4 Maria Rincon volunteered for an ear examination and joked that getting a glimpse of her eardrum was an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that could not be missed out! The inspiring tour has definitely increased the finalists’ knowledge on medical technologies while motivating them to work extra hard at the Final for a good cause.。


Leisure Talk and City Chat Interviews


The Finalists have been working extremely hard for the past two months to prepare themselves for the Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant 2016 Final. They recently sat down with Mary Lo Carmen Shao to share stories from the training and discuss the friendships and bonds among themselves. To find out more about these 10 lovely contestants and their exciting Pageant journey, tune in to Talentvision’s City Chat on November 24th and December 1st (Thursdays) at 10:15pm PST and Fairchild TV’s Leisure Talk on December 7th (Wednesday) at 6:15pm.

Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant
Helps to build a Brighter Future for Richmond


Fairchild TV has named Richmond Hospital Foundation as the beneficiary of the MCVP Gala Dinner this year in support for the construction of a new replacement patient care tower. The 10 gorgeous finalists attended the MCVP 2016 Gala Dinner press conference at Aberdeen Centre with their magical beauty, hoping to arouse awareness for the expansion project. Among the 10 girls, 7 of them are Richmond residents who have a strong connection with this beautiful city. During the press conference, the finalists acknowledged the fact that Richmond Hospital has been a long-standing pillar of the community for 50 years. As the fourth fastest growing urban centre in B.C. with the change in demographics, a growing and aging population to serve, Richmond Hospital will not be able to withstand a large earthquake. Confronted by the risk of collapsing, Richmond Hospital requires a safer patient care tower that meets seismic standards as the top priority. The finalists encouraged everyone to support the Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant 2016 Gala Dinner for this very good cause.

Press conference MC Mary Lo 
#1 Prenda Wang #2 Irene Cheng
#3 Cecilia Pan #4 Maria Rincon
#5 Maggie Yu #6 Venessa Li
#7 Sherry Xue #8 Katrina Shi
#9 Phoebe Kut #10 Lily Wong
A group photo with President and CEO of Richmond Hospital Foundation, Natalie D. Meixner.

On the same day, Fairchild TV launched the first Instagram Photo Contest for photographers to capture the best moment of the Finalists during their public appearance. With the huge attention the IG contest gathered, the venue was filled with flashes and shutter noises. Many enthusiastic amateur photographers, fans and families of the finalists showed their support and cheered for the beautiful ladies. The winner will be presented a prize by all 10 beautiful finalists and get the chance to take a group photo with the gorgeous ladies. Make sure to stay tuned for IG photo contest results!


MCVP 7th Magical Transformation


The contestants of the Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant must be physically and mentally prepared to take on the magical challenge at the Final. To achieve this, MCVP 2015 top three winners were invited to share their individual experience and tips on their amazing journey last year. Although the champion of Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant 2015 and Miss Chinese International Pageant 2016 Jennifer Coosemans, is currently in Terrace completing her degree, she still took the time to get involved through an online video conference call. MCVP 2015 1st Runner Up Lettitia Lai, along with 2nd Runner Up Karen Ku, and MCVP 2015 contestant and Miss Hong Kong 2016 oversea contestant Bridget Tse shared tips on how to excel at the Final. Some of the tips include: how to improvise on stage, how to conquer stage fright, how to relieve stress, and much more. The finalists were also actively raising questions, their main concern being how to keep fit and make healthy choices. The advice they received was to adhere to exercise daily regardless of how tired they are, and target specific areas to get the best result. With a series of fitness trainings provided by a professional instructor, they are sure to appear in their best condition at the Final on December 8.


MCVP Contestant Blogs


To know the Finalists at a personal level, and have a peep through their true selves behind the camera, you may visit the MCVP Contestant Blogs. The Finalists will periodically update their blogs in the forms of text, photos and videos, sharing memorable moments and behind-the-scene stories during the Pageant. Aside from understanding their lives outside of the trainings, viewers are also welcome to leave comments and words of encouragements. To follow all the Pageant actions, be sure to follow MCVP Facebook and Instagram for more firsthand information!


MCVP Visits S.U.C.C.E.S.S. Senior Care Home


It has been an annual community care event for the Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant finalists to visit the S.U.C.C.E.S.S. Simon K.Y. Lee Seniors Care Home and perform for its elderly residents. Unfortunately, the Senior Home Visit was cancelled last year due to a flu outbreak. Therefore, this year’s finalists put a lot of time and effort into creating an entertaining and fun program for the seniors. Staying healthy is a priority for the elderly. In order to encourage them to stay active and healthy, the first group of girls presented a series of performances which oozed joyful energy that captivated and inspired the senior residents to dance along. First up is #3 Cecilia Pan who danced with a hula hoop, radiating bountiful energy and youthfulness. Second up is a peaceful and meditating yoga demonstration by #2 Irene Cheng, #9 Phoebe Kut and #10 Lily Wong followed by a vivacious aerobic dance performed by #1 Prenda Wang, an energetic cheerleading dance by #4 Maria Rincon, a traditional Chinese fan dance by #6 Venessa Li and an exotic and sensual Latin dance by #8 Katrina Shi. Aside from lively and energetic dance performances, #10 Lily Wong played a melodious piano piece, while #5 Maggie Yu and #7 Sherry Xue sang a remarkable love duet of “The Most Romantic Thing”. After the fun-filled performances, the finalists handed out scarves to the senior residents as a token of their love. Lastly, echoing the “magic” theme of this year’s Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant, the finalists presented a self-designed and decorated magician top hat with their pictures and words of blessings to wish the elderly residents a joyful, healthy and warm winter holidays.


SMG Editor-in-Chief Mr. Teng Junjie Visits Fairchild Media Group


Shanghai Media Group (SMG) Editor-in-Chief Mr. Teng Junjie led a delegation to visit Fairchild Media Group on November 5. Members of the delegation consisted of Motion Magic General Manager of Mr. Xu Zexing, Shanghai Oriental Pearl Group Director of Programming Mr. Dai Zhongwei, Dragon TV Center Vice director Mr. Zhang Songhua, ERC News Center Deputy Director Ms. Chen Xia and International Channel Shanghai Interpreter Ms. Lin Yijing. They received a warm welcome from President of Fairchild Media Group Mr. Joe Chan.

Fairchild Media Group and SMG have a long history of collaboration, as both companies have jointly organized high profile variety shows, arranged delegation visits between the two organizations and hosted Shanghai TV Festival in Canada. During this meeting, both parties discussed future cooperation opportunities and exchanged mutually beneficial recommendations. On behalf of Fairchild Media Group, Mr. Joe Chan signed a memorandum of collaboration with Oriental Pearl Group (OPG), signifying the long-term working relationship between the two companies. For this year’s Shanghai TV Festival, OPG will provide a variety of programs, ranging from documentaries to drama series, offering Talentvision audience a wide range of amazing entertaining starting in December. The lineup includes documentaries “Taste of China”, “The Four Chapters of Kashi”, “21st Century Maritime Silk Road”; variety shows “Go Fighting”, “Xiaoao Jianghu”, “Dream Home Dream Maker”; drama series “Out of Mist”, “The Wrong Action” and “Mission Impossible Love”. Make sure to stay tuned for the air dates and times for a wonderful TV experience.

Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant 2016 Press Conference


Organized by Fairchild Television, the prestigious Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant 2016 Final will be held on December 8. With the theme “Shine Bright and Ignite the Magical Beauty” in mind, the ten gorgeous finalists will grace the glamorous stage and shine through their magical pageant journey together.

Under the guidance of our great team of professional instructors, the Miss Chinese Vancouver finalists have transformed from ordinary girls into extraordinary dazzling stars at their first public appearance. The MCs of the press conference, witty and humorous Gerald Yang partnered with whimsical radio DJ BChiu, first invited President of Fairchild Media Group Mr. Joe Chan onto the stage to host the lighting ceremony, igniting the magical beauty and officially launching the Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant campaign.


As the 10 finalists made their way through the crowd, the audience’s attention was captivated by the girls’ amusing magic tricks and the stylish walk-down on the runway, showing off their sparkling personality and unique charisma.


#1 Prenda Wang, the child of a well-known television personality in Nanjing, China, has been nurtured by a family with performance background and inherited her mother’s beauty and artistic talents. The energetic and athletic #2 Irene Cheng radiates charm and warmth with her sweet and amiable smile.


#3 Cecilia Pan, also known as the beauty expert, is studying fashion design and nail art and pursuing her dreams in the fashion industry. Girlz Champion of Sunshine Nation 2012, half Columbian and half Chinese #4 Maria Rincon is proficient in multiple languages.


Endowed with both beauty and wisdom, animal lover #5 Maggie Yu is a UBC graduate completing her MBA at Tsinghua University in Beijing. The youngest among the ten girls and an adroit dancer, 19 years old #6 Venessa Li earned herself the title of Girlz Champion in Sunshine Nation 2014 with her outstanding talent and excellent Chinese dance.


#7 Sherry Xue, majoring in Musical Theatre at the renowned Shanghai Conservatory of Music, has abundant stage experience, and charmed the audience with her graceful gestures. Don’t be fooled by #8 Katrina Shi’s shy girl-next-door look. She is in fact a passionate Latin dancer who enjoys dancing to the exotic and sensual Latin rhythms.


With boundless performance potential, #9 Phoebe Kut starred in the Canadian film "Eve and the Fire Horse", attended many Film Festivals in different cities, and won the Best Actress Award only at the age of 9. With a fondness towards the Chinese culture along with a delicate and petite physique, the Vancouver born and raised #10 Lily Wong is a perfect representation of a classic Asian beauty.


Fairchild TV is honored to invite legendary actress Ms. Lynn Hsieh, who is very committed to charitable works in the community, along with renowned movie and TV star Mr. Patrick Poon, Paralympic table tennis olympian Ms. Stephanie Chan, notable artist Mr. Ai Xin Jue Luo Yu Ting, and Miss Chinese Vancouver 2013 Champion and Miss Chinese International Pageant 2014 1st Runner-Up Ms. Cindy Zhong to form the judge panel.


Versatile artiste and experienced master of ceremonies Vinci Wong will be the MC for Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant 2016 Final. Previously lived and studied in Vancouver, Vinci returned to Hong Kong after graduating from UBC, and has been the MC for numerous variety shows such as the Tung Wah Charity Show and Miss Asia Pageant. Other than variety shows, Vinci also hosted a popular talk show “Vinci’s Code”, inviting celebrities and industry leaders as his special guests to share their insights on style, luxury and fashion with TV viewers. As a philanthropist, Vinci contributes considerable time and effort to charity events and give back to the community. Just last year, he travelled to Vancouver to host the annual telethon for Richmond Hospital Foundation. This year, Vinci will participate at Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant 2016 as the MC, and lead the ten gorgeous beauties through the magical pageant journey. Fairchild TV has invited prominent TVB figure Mak Cheung Ching, better known as his popular TV character “Fei-fan” (extraordinary), as the special guest performer for this extraordinary event Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant 2016. Mak made his first TV appearance on the well-known children program “Flash Fax”, and slowly worked his way up from an extra to supporting roles with more recognition. He was highly acclaimed for his portrayal of the main antagonist, Leung Fei-fan in the drama No Regrets. His superb delineation of the villain earned him the title of Best Male Supporting Actor in the 2010 TVB Anniversary Award. Earlier last year, he hosted a cooking program “Feastival a la Stars” with Eliza Sam and received overwhelmingly positive response. Recently, he is hosting a new TVB program “Bazaar Carnivals” which is an instant hit among housewives and further strengthens his good-man image. Stay tuned for the MCVP Final on December 8 for the Extraordinary Mak’s marvelous performance.


As a continuation of the Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant legacy, Fairchild TV is donating the Pageant production to a different charity organization each year as its entertainment for a fund-raising gala. This year, Fairchild TV has named Richmond Hospital Foundation as the beneficiary of the annual MCVP Gala Dinner to support the construction of a new replacement patient care tower. The Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant 2016 Final will be held at the Vancouver Convention Centre on Thursday December 8th and aired through Fairchild TV, Talentvision, and www.fairchildtv.com at 7:55pm. To find out more and keep updated with the Pageant happenings, tune in to the MCVP segment of What’s On or visit our website, www.fairchildtv.com, Facebook page, Instagram at mcvpcanada, or Weibo.

MCVP 6th Magical Transformation


Having the courage to stand out and grace the pageant stage, a pretty face is not enough, as the finalists must be able to express themselves confidently and elegantly as well. To strengthen the finalists’ stage performances and ensure they will shine bright, a series of trainings are keys to elevate their presentation through body language and rhetoric devices. The techniques they learnt were put to use when they taped a promotional video and their self-introduction for the MCVP segment in “What’s On”. This was a great learning experience for the finalists, especially for those who cannot speak Chinese fluently and certainly will boost their self-confidence when communicating with thousands of audience.


To add to the magical and extraordinary production, the finalists filmed a dramatic promotional video pairing with unique styles and special computer effects to show off their exceptional beauty. The Pageant Final will be broadcasted live on Fairchild TV, Talentvision and the event official website. Stay tuned to witness the birth of a new Miss Chinese Vancouver!


MCVP 5th Magical Transformation


Throughout the busy training schedule, the 10 finalists understand wholeheartedly what the Chinese idiom “One minute glory on stage requires ten years of hard work off stage” mean. In additional to the regular stage training session at least three times per week, Stage Director Didi has also familiarized them with the stage design and layout, ensuring that the 10 beautiful finalists will shine bright every moment they emerge onstage. Despite the hectic training schedule, there were relaxing and delightful moments that the finalists enjoyed including a luxury manicure treatment that all women loves, and trying out the dazzling jewelries accessorizing their outfits at the Final. Another proud and wonderful occasion was during the swimsuit fitting, as they imagined radiating confidence and courage to present the best of themselves on stage. The 10 finalists will make their first media appearance on November 3 when all promotions will be launched. Make sure to stay tuned for the unveiling of this year’s 10 gorgeous MCVP finalists and anticipate the birth of a new Miss Chinese Vancouver on December 8.


Jack Webster Best Chinese Reporting Award


The 2016 results of Jack Webster Awards, British Columbia’s most authoritative media reporting award have been released. A joint-effort by Fairchild TV reporter Clement Tang, Executive Producer Ada Luk and Video Editor Daryl Lok, Magazine 26’s report on lethal overdose of fentanyl, “BC Drug Overdose” was presented with the Jack Webster Best Chinese Reporting Award. This is the thirteenth time Fairchild Television to be awarded for the achievement.

Magazine 26’s - “BC Drug Overdose”

Please click here for Program Archive 

The objective of Jack Webster Award is to acknowledge outstanding British Columbia-based media reporting. Jack Webster Best Chinese Reporting Award is the only Chinese news media award in BC. Todd Ye, News Director at Fairchild Television expresses that this award reaffirms the industry’s recognition of the excellent productions from Fairchild TV News and Current Affairs Department and proves that our investigative reports always generate considerable awareness within the community. He reiterates that Fairchild will continue to bring forth high quality news and current affairs programs to the audience.

MCVP 4th Magical Transformation


After a month of training, the contestants have taken on their first magical challenge at the photo and TV promo shooting sessions. To prepare for three consecutive days of shooting, the contestants arrived early in the morning for make-up and hair-styling, anticipating a long day of shooting ahead. With the focus of this year’s photo shoot as fashionable and natural, the contestants put on trendy outfits and present the best of themselves inside and outside of Aberdeen Mall, radiating their natural beauty under the lens.


As an elaboration of the theme “Shine Bright and Ignite the Magical Beauty”, the producer employed contrasting lighting and colour techniques to create a magical atmosphere for the TV promo. The contestants learnt different tricks from a professional magician, expressing their magical, glamorous and mysterious selves in front of the camera. Shooting from morning to night was definitely a hectic experience for the contestants, but they enjoyed every moment of it, especially after completing one shooting scene, a professional team of hair and makeup specialists would assist them right away in transforming into another style. The girls all managed to indulge themselves for one moment as a superstar.


In spite of their tight schedule, the contestants took time to celebrate the birthday of chaperone Kelly by presenting her with a cake as well as good wishes. The whole Miss Chinese Vancouver journey and behind-the-scenes photos will be found on the contestants’ personal MCVP blog. Make sure to follow us on MCVP Facebook and Instagram to get first hand glimpse of this magical transformation.


“Chatting Platform” Looking at the Future of Hong Kong
Through the Scope of Hong Kong Movie


Aside from the daily newscasts featuring the latest international, national, and local news and weekly current affairs programs and investigative reports, Fairchild Television News and Public Affairs Department also updates viewers on the recent happenings and issues in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Hong Kong Umbrella Revolution in 2014 and the Hong Kong Legislative Council election have been a concerning topic. Having participated at this year’s Vancouver International Film Festival, the producer of Best Film in the 35th Hong Kong Film Award, the controversial “Ten Years”, Andrew Choi was invited to Chatting Platform as guest speaker. Andrew, along with program host Hon Sang Chan, Chatting Platform commentator Kenneth Tung and experienced playwright Truman Chiu discussed the future of Hong Kong through the scope of Hong Kong movies and sensitive political topics such as human rights in Hong Kong, freedom of speech and Hong Kong Basic Law Article 23.

To review this episode online, please click here.

MCVP 3rd Magical Transformation


Under the guidance of our great team of professional instructors, the Miss Chinese Vancouver contestants are transforming from ordinary girls into extraordinary dazzling stars. In harmony with this year’s theme to “Shine Bright”, aside from professional training, sparkling outfits and eye-catching styles are indispensable. Image Director Betty has paid great attention in selecting the trendiest outfits, while the hair and makeup artistes use their magical power to polish each contestant, ensuring that the girls will radiate beauty from all angles. Stunning cocktail dresses with shimmering beads and sequins are statements of brilliance and elegance. To complete the luminous look is a meticulous Korean makeup and slightly curled hair, giving off an angelic and graceful vibe while illuminating the entire studio. If you want to meet the dazzling beauties, then make sure to join us on November 19th (Saturday), as the ten beautiful Miss Chinese Vancouver finalists make their first official public appearance at the Richmond Hospital Foundation Press Conference.


GuangXi TV Hosts Visit Talentvision


Six senior TV personalities from GuangXi Television guested on “Straits Today” for an in-depth discussion with local media hosts revolving around various political and international topics such as the future collaboration between Canada and China.

Miss Chinese Vancouver and Project Boyz
Spreading Warmth in the Community


Thanksgiving Day is not only a special occasion to express our love for friends and families but also a great day to help and spread warmth to the underprivileged in our community. Earlier in the week, Miss Chinese Vancouver 1st Runner-up Lettitia Lai and Project Boyz Power winner Jack Wang volunteered at the Union Gospel Mission’s annual Thanksgiving event as they handed out warm Thanksgiving meals to residents at Vancouver downtown east side. It was their first time getting to know residents in this community. Guests were extremely thankful, as they smiled and expressed gratitude towards the volunteers for making this meaningful event happen. Both Lettitia and Jack were touched and felt their positive energy. Through volunteering at this event, Lettitia and Jack wished to show others that even amidst the holiday celebrations, it is important to reach out and show our care to those in need.


MCVP 2nd Magical Transformation


The 10 finalists have fully immersed in a series of training at the world of Pageant. The first mystical challenge that the contestants will take on is photo and promo shooting. In preparation, they first received a magical hair makeover from the hair-stylists to liberate their unique characters.


Secondly, Image Director Betty sourced the right pieces from our clothing sponsors to showcase each contestant’s youthfulness, coolness and charm.


Apart from looking pretty onset, the contestants will have to follow the directors’ instructions during the tight shooting schedule. To ensure that they fully understand the creative concept and standards, a production meeting was arranged.


Last but not least, under the mentorship of professional modeling instructor Sisi, the girls learned how to improve posture and express themselves naturally in front of the camera.


With the diverse training program, the 10 contestants will transform from girls next door to glamorous new stars and rise above the rest for an alluring performance at the Final. To capture every moment of this magical transformation, make sure to follow MCVP official website, Facebook and Instagram (MCVPCanada).

MCVP 1st Magical Transformation


After much deliberation, the 10 gorgeous finalists for Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant have been chosen. Under the witness of a lawyer, the 10 contestants signed contracts with Fairchild, symbolizing the official launch of their much anticipate beautiful journey in preparation for the competition taking place on December 8.


MCVP professional team has been working hard in designing a magical transformation for each contestant. First up is Image Director Betty, as she carefully studies every contestant’s body features in order to design distinctive styles to bring out their individualities. With the effort from the hair-styling professional, the contestants will embrace a completely new look with a unique hairstyle and learn grooming tips to accentuate their unique features. Shining bright on stage starts from glowing from within. To get clear glowing skin, the contestants will attend lectures on skincare and makeup coached by cosmetic skincare expert.


Beauty transformation isn’t complete without a bright smile. In achieving the brightest and whitest smile, the contestants will receive dental care tips and teeth whitening service from dental professional. Miss Chinese Vancouver is reputable for being beautiful inside and out. MCVP chaperone Kelly explained in details the pageant etiquettes and strict disciplines that the contestants must follow. The names of the 10 stunning beauties will soon be revealed in November. To receive firsthand glimpse of the contestants’ latest updates, make sure to follow MCVP official website, Facebook and Instagram (MCVPCanada). Aside from social media updates, the contestants will also be blogging about their enchanting journey on the MCVP website, recording every little step they take throughout the mystical transformations. Be prepared for the dynamic and surely magical Pageant this year!


《Chocolate Rain & Denice Wai Family Cookbook》
Game Result


As a token of appreciation for the continuous support from “Your Story My Treat” viewers, Denice is giving away autographed copies of《Chocolate Rain & Denice Wai Family Cookbook》, delivered all the way from Hong Kong to Canada, to 20 lucky fans. The winners are:

Poon Lai Ha 416-358-xxxx
Madeline Chow 416-523-xxxx
Wai Ping Li 604-295-xxxx
Journey Wong 604-306-xxxx
Lai Ling Leung 604-434-xxxx
Caroline Shum 604-434-xxxx
Kristy Pang 604-278-xxxx
Tinny Ka 604-600-xxxx
Tony Lei 604-710-xxxx
Esther Lee 647-881-xxxx
Nixon Chan 647-923-xxxx
Emily Fong 778-388-xxxx
Kate Yuen 778-389-xxxx
Elaine Deng 778-892-xxxx
Brenda Shum 905-554-xxxx
Nhan Ngu 905-604-xxxx
Justin 905-773-xxxx
Catherine Wong 905-773-xxxx
Agnes Chan 905-940-xxxx
Tony Tse 905-948-xxxx

特別鳴謝:Forms Kitchen


In Loving Memory of Thelma Leung


Miss Thelma Leung passed away on Saturday, September 17 at Vancouver General Hospital due to brain aneurysm. Fairchild TV has produced a special memorial segment in “What’s On” this past Sunday as a tribute to Thelma. Aside from being passionate about music and stage performance, Thelma was also a great home chef and was named “Mrs. Beautiful Cooking Guru”. Thelma was recently invited to share her culinary experience in our program “Your Story My Treat”, which can now be reviewed online. Your laughter and optimistic personality will always be remembered Thelma!


Program Archive
What’s On – Thelma Memorial Segment
Your Story My Treat – Episode 6 - Part 1
《Your Story My Treat – Episode 6 - Part 2

Fairchild TV would like to express our most sincere condolences to Thelma’s family, and may the soul of Thelma rest in peace. You will be missed and always on our mind.

Canadian Cancer Society Gift of Hope Gala


Canadian Cancer Society Gift of Hope Gala was successfully concluded on September 24. Popular hosts Mary Lo and William Ho partnered up to be the MC’s for the night. Miss Chinese Vancouver 2015 Cindy Tong, Project Boyz Matthew Chan and Angus Yam were invited to model for the fashion show. These charming young individuals were spotlighted as they walked down the runway, exuding confidence and composure. Aside from the fashion show, special guest performer Eddy Ko teamed up with music master Dominic Chung and a group of young musicians to present a parade of classic TV drama theme songs and timeless English numbers. His spectacular performance earned thunderous applause, as he kept the audience captivated and engaged throughout the whole time.


The funds raised at the Gala will go towards cancer research, supporting cancer patients, and education of cancer prevention. Through this, we hope to bring Canadians together and work towards making cancer history.

Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant 2016 Audition


For many years, Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant has always served as the platform for many young girls to fulfill their childhood dreams and experience the extraordinary. Numerous applications are received every year, with no exception this time. Miss Chinese Vancouver 2015 Jennifer Cooseman’s outstanding performance at the Miss Chinese International Pageant, together with her previous Facebook Live Chat, useful tips and encouragements, has triggered tremendous participation from many young ladies in Vancouver to join in. During the audition, behind-the-scenes footages were uploaded instantly onto MCVP Instagram Stories, which enabled fans to the firsthand glimpse at the audition process.

The contestants, many with stage experiences, entered the audition room with abundant self-confidence, and shone through with their unique personalities and youthfulness. The judges were also dazzled by the contestants’ impressive talent performances, including singing, dancing and playing various instruments, making it a great challenge to choose the ones with the most potentials. After much deliberation, the 10 finalists were selected. They will soon launch their much anticipated beautiful journey when a series of professional training including posture, stage performance, beauty, dance, manners, and modeling will be ready for them to experience.


The 10 pretty faces of the contestants will soon be unveiled. If you long for more sneak peeks of the Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant, make sure to follow MCVP Facebook and Instagram MCVPCanada where all the training behind-the-scenes will be disclosed.

Carat Cheung Encourages Young Ladies to Take the Last Chance to Join MCVP 2016


The Newly-wed Miss Chinese Vancouver and Miss Hong Kong Carat Cheung, returned home with her husband to celebrate with family and friends in Vancouver. Knowing that today is the last day for Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant recruitment, Carat urges all talented young ladies to act fast and follow her path to the journey of fame.

Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant 2016 Recruitment is ending today at 5pm. Don’t miss this opportunity to open up a new chapter in your life!

Last Call For Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant 2016 Recruitment


The Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant 2016 recruitment is ending tomorrow at 5pm. Our handsome and beautiful hosts from Fairchild TV are encouraging all aspiring young ladies to take advantage of this last chance.

Talentvision will be Airing Mid-Autumn Festival Special
In Celebration of Mid-Autumn Festival with Canadian Viewers


The Mid-Autumn Festival celebration held at Tang Paradise in Xi’an China carries a warm, welcoming and romantic style with unique cultural higlights, enriching this traditional Chinese celebration. Incorporated in this festive event are singing performing in different music genres such as pop, ethnic, rock, folk and art music for everyone to enjoy! Popular singers from China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, including Miriam Yeung, Sun Nan, TFboys, Shang Wenjie, Xiao Che, Feng Mantian, Tang Dynasty, Wei Hai-Ming, Hu Wenge, Zhu Yuanyuan, Chyi Chin, Terry Lin and Aska Yang are among those who will be gracing the stage and sharing the joy with audience. Stay tuned and don’t miss out this spectacular celebration!

CCTV Mid-Autumn FestivalTalentvision
September 18 (Sunday) 8pm PST (11pm EST)
(Replay) September 19 (Monday) 12pm PST (3pm EST)

Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant Gala Dinner Press Conference


Continuing the legacy of Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant, Fairchild Television is donating the Pageant production to a different charity organization every year as its entertainment for a fund-raising gala. This year, Fairchild TV has named Richmond Hospital Foundation as the beneficiary of the annual MCVP Gala Dinner. Richmond Hospital Foundation has recently held the Gala Dinner press conference at Aberdeen Centre to announce the Gala details. President and CEO of Richmond Hospital Foundation, Natalie D. Meixner, expressed sincere appreciation and gratitude to Fairchild TV for our generous donation. To commemorate the 50th Anniversary of Richmond Hospital, the Provincial Government will support and contribute to the construction of a new replacement patient care tower. The collaboration of MCVP and Richmond Hospital Foundation is a great opportunity to raise funds and bring attention to the expansion of Richmond Hospital.

A Richmond resident, Bridget Tse from Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant 2015 was invited to share her stories at the press conference. Aside from being born in Richmond Hospital, Bridget’s mother has also recently undergone a knee surgery and rehabilitation at Richmond Hospital. She praised the medical staff at Richmond Hospital for their unconditional care to patients of all ages and encouraged everyone to support this meaningful event. Richmond Hospital Foundation also presented the President of Fairchild Media Group, Mr. Joe Chan, with an appreciation plaque to compliment Fairchild TV’s support and wished for a successful dinner. The funds raised will be used to better facilities and care for patients to accommodate the increase of the aging population in Richmond, and also the increased medical demands from tourists travelling to Vancouver.

For more information on MCVP Gala Dinner, please visit www.richmondhospitalfoundation.com/MCVP or call 604-244-5252。

MCVP Builds a Better Future for Richmond


As a continuation of the Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant legacy, Fairchild Television is donating the Pageant production to a different charity organization each year as its entertainment for a fund-raising gala. This year, Fairchild TV has named Richmond Hospital Foundation as the beneficiary of the annual MCVP Gala Dinner. To commemorate the 50th anniversary of Richmond Hospital, the Provincial Government will support and contribute to the construction of a new replacement patient care tower. As the leader of Canadian Chinese media, Fairchild TV will join hands with Richmond Hospital Foundation through this Pageant to raise fund and create a brighter and healthier future for the city.

The Richmond Hospital Foundation will hold its press conference at Aberdeen Centre on September 13 (Tuesday) at 2:00pm to announce details of this Gala. 2015 Miss Chinese Vancouver, Bridget Tse, who was born at the Richmond Hospital, will share her stories. You are welcomed to join us at the press conference to show support for this meaningful event!


2016 Taiwan Fest


The annual Taiwan Fest has successfully come to an end. As long time supporters, Fairchild TV and Talentvision collaborated with Taiwan Fest again this year, inviting five lucky fans along with popular TV personalities, including Taiwanese City Chat host Carmen Shao, Leisure Talk host and food blogger William Ho, Missy Missy host Manica Ng, What’s On host Angus Yam, and Project Boyz Power Matthew Chan.

Guided by a representative from the Festival, not only did our hosts and fans enjoy an authentic Fuermosha cuisine at the Friendship Picnic, but could also leisurely stroll down the streets, exploring different aspects of the Taiwanese culture and the newly added Hong Kong flavors at this year’s event.

2016 Taiwan Fest was officially unveiled with the Opening Symphony Concert. Our two handsome boys from Project Boyz Power, Matthew Chan and Angus Yam, took part in the opening ceremony as the emcee and performer of Leslie Cheung’s timeless pieces at the concert respectively. First time performing with a symphony orchestra, Angus delivered three renditions of Lesley’s famous pieces, including “Chase”, “Love of the Past” and “When Love Became the Past” with great emotions. Super 10 Champion Emily Yeh also participated as she presented Teresa Teng’s famous numbers, including “Shines Through My Heart” and “Small Town Story”. Angus and Emily’s stunning performance kept the audience captivated and engaged throughout the whole time.


On the following day, William Ho appeared as the emcee of IPACI Final, while celebrity Chef from “Your Story My Treat”, Denice Wai, returned as a judge at the Competition. Incorporating the theme of “A Cultural Tango with Hong Kong”, this year’s tournament featured chefs from Hong Kong, Taiwan and Vancouver, as they engaged in cultural exchange while competing for the First Place at the IPACI Final.


Jennifer Coosemans and Bridget Tse
Share Pageant Tips on Facebook LIVE Chat


Miss Chinese Vancouver and Miss Chinese International Jennifer Coosemans recently went live on Miss Chinese Vancouver Facebook Page, sharing her pageant experience and answering questions from those who were still hesitating to join this year’s Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant.

Jennifer also invited one of her good friends from the Pageant, Bridget Tse, to join her at the LIVE chat, and tell their own unique stories. Bridget’s pole fitness performance at the Project Boyz Power Final not only captivated the attention from the audience but was also praised by the attending TVB senior executives. Her stunning performance has earned her a spot in Miss Hong Kong Pageant as an overseas contestant. Although she did not make it to the top 10, her journey can definitely help to inspire those who are getting ready to join the Pageant this year! Aside from sharing tips and experience, Jennifer has also autographed limited copies of 「Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant 2015」DVD, giving you an opportunity to explore in details the secret of her success at the Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant. Make sure to visit MCVP Facebook Page (mcvpcanada) to re-watch the LIVE chat!

Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant 2016
Recruitment Has Now Begun


Jennifer has undergone the Miss Chinese Vancouver glamorous transformation, in just one year, she has transformed from a shy girl-next-door into the Champion of both Miss Chinese Vancouver and Miss Chinese International Pageants. Today, she has become a dazzling shining star, all thanks to the training, nurture and care from the MCVP professional team. Flashing back, Jennifer auditioned for MCVP only with minimal makeup and a bashful performance. After undergoing professional training in all aspects, including posture, stage performance, beauty, dance, manners, and catwalk, Jennifer has now matured into a gracious and compassionate young lady. Are you ready to ignite your passion and embark on a journey to fame? Apply for the Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant 2016 and take on your dazzling first step. Application deadline is September 16 (Friday).

Jennifer Coosemans Facebook LIVEChat


Are you ready for Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant 2016? In the year-long journey to becoming champion of Miss Chinese Vancouver and Miss Chinese International, Terrace born Jennifer Coosemans travelled all the way from Vancouver to step into the international spotlight. Do you want to know the secrets to her success, or learn some tips on making an impression at the Miss Chinese Vancouver Audition? On August 26 (Friday) at 5pm PST, Jennifer will go LIVE on Facebook (mcvpcanada), sharing her extraordinary pageant experience and tips. If you are interested in joining this year’s Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant 2016 or is a fan of Jennifer, then make sure to stay tuned for the LIVE Chat!

Fairchild TV Summer BBQ


Outdoor barbeques are always a favorite summer pastime. Fairchild TV staff stepped outside the office to South Arm Park for a fun filled BBQ event in a sunny summer afternoon. Members of the Advisory Committee also joined in on the excitement while fellow workers from different departments gathered together for lighthearted chatters, taking the opportunity to catch up with one another. Many people volunteered to help prepare a variety of scrumptious barbeque delicacies. Everyone brought along their own plates and utensils to create a more environmentally friendly environment. The highlight of the day was of course the lucky draw with plenty of prizes followed by a group photo to commemorate the lovely and relaxing annual gathering.


What’s On Host Leonard Cheng signs with TVB


Earlier this year, Deputy General Manager of TVB Mr. Felix To, along with Controller of Production Resources Division Ms. Virginia Lok and Director of Production (Variety shows / Non-drama department), Ms. Sandy Yu made a trip to Vancouver for the auditions of the upcoming Miss Hong Kong Pageant and Mr. Hong Kong Contest overseas recruitments. During their visit, they also met with FTV program hosts in search of potential young talents who aspire to a career in the TV business in Hong Kong. Ms. Yu appreciated Fairchild TV’s effort in nurturing a group of skilled and hardworking artistes who have become great assets to the industry. Having worked with a number of previous Fairchild TV hosts who subsequently became household names in Hong Kong including Janis Chan, Eric Li, Leo Siu, and Eunice Ho, Ms. Yu has a deep and lasting impression of the potentials that these young individuals hold.

What's On host Leonard Cheng was among those participating at an audition with the three TVB executives. Leonard manifested poised and confidence built up from the experience over the years at Fairchild. He initially joined Fairchild Radio as a DJ, was later recruited by Fairchild TV as a program host for What’s On, Vantastic and has MCed for Fans Party as well as performed in Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant. Leonard’s talents, along with his dashing good looks and ability to speak three languages were rewarded with a contract with TVB. TV viewers will soon be able to spot another familiar face while watching TVB programming. We wish Leonard good luck in his future endeavors and hope that the upcoming journey will unleash infinite possibilities on his road to stardom.


Updates from Project Boyz Power Winners


Shortly after the competition, Project Boyz Power winners Jeffery Leung and Jack Wang took part in an exclusive interview with PLEM magazine. Knowing that the two young men are both well practiced in martial arts, the editor requested that they show off their extremely fit bodies and athletic talents through some difficult Parkour movements. Jeffery and Jack skillfully carried out different moves and thoroughly enjoyed the process of the photo shoot as well. The interview will be published in the August issue of PLEM magazine. Join Jeffery and Jack under the vibrant blue skies as they display the manly power and sunny youthfulness!


Fairchild Media Group Supports S.U.C.C.E.S.S Walk with the Dragon


On this sunny summer Sunday morning, President of Fairchild Media Group, Mr. Joe Chan led a team of Fairchild TV and Fairchild Radio staff to Stanley Park in support of S.U.C.C.E.S.S. Walk with the Dragon.


Performances by Fairchild Media Group are always the most anticipated programs at the Walk every year. This year, Fairchild TV called in the most stunning beauty in town to partner with a handsome gentleman to host the segment. Miss Chinese Vancouver and Miss Chinese International, Jennifer Coosemans joined hands with Brian Chiu from Fairchild Radio as the MC’s. Three cheerful young men from Project Boyz Power including Champion Jack and fellow contestants Angus and Matthew showed their support with energy and passion onstage. A martial arts lover since young age, Jack showed off a set of finely trained muscles and a Muay Thai performance, with steps and patterns highlighting his manly character.


Together, Most Stylish New Star Award winner Matthew Chan and new What’s On host Angus Yam sang the rock song, Viva. Matthew once again wowed the audience with his electric guitar as the pair concluded this segment with the song Boundless Sky and Sea. Jack also joined in with the three bringing fans tons of positive energy. The three boys invited Jennifer on stage for a group photo as a cool gesture at the finale.


While the stage was filled with interesting shows to captivate people’s attention, offstage, Fairchild Media Group also organized a fun game for attendees to enjoy and win prizes. Many gathered to participate and spent time with families under the beautiful summer sun.


Track Day for Charity


Miss Chinese Vancouver and Miss Chinese International Jennifer Coosemans recently joined hands with Project Boyz Power winner Jack Wang at the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation’s Track Day for Charity event. The two of them took part in the HotLaps, speeding along the track in the passenger seat of a racecar driven by a professional instructor. The pair’s extraordinary charisma and dashing good looks, along with the alluring roar of the racecar engine attracted the attention of the entire racetrack crowd. Jennifer and Jack also volunteered to help racers in preparation as well as encouraged guests to purchase charity raffle tickets. When reflecting on this unique charity experience, Jennifer commented that it was her first time in a car taking off at such a high speed. It felt like a real life 4D movie experience. Jack, who loved the thrill, thoroughly enjoyed the excitement of something that was not typical of a regular road. Together, the two had an enjoyable and charitable day full of unforgettable memories.


My $10,000 Cash Prize Game Final Winner Announced


My $10,000 Cash Prize Game hosted by Fairchild TV and Talentvision has drawn numerous viewers from both the East and West coasts to participate in the game. After four consecutive weeks, it was finally time to draw the ultimate $10,000 cash prize winner. Under the witness of Chartered Accountant Mr. Patrick Chan, President of Fairchild Media Group, Mr. Joe Chan picked the winning ballot, belonging to lucky winner Sum Wo Cheng from BC. Congratulations to Mr. Cheng for receiving the $10,000 prize. As the game has now come to a close, Fairchild TV and Talentvision would like to thank all viewers for your participation and sponsors for your support. Please stay tuned for amazing programs and upcoming prize games. The next lucky winner could be you!

Project B.P. Vancouver Winners Interview


A week after the Project Boyz Power Vancouver Audition Final, the four winners, including the two champions Jeffery Leung and Jack Wang, OSIM Most Energetic Performance Award winner Christopher Wong, and Jeans First Most Stylish New Star winner Matthew Chan, once again gathered together for a chat with Leisure Talk host Mary Lo. During the interview, Mary, who incidentally was the MC at the Final, delightfully recalled some of the spectacular moments at the show. The boyz were pleased to capture the titles and expressed that the well rounded training was greatly beneficial. It was also a true honor to be able to show off their performing skills in front of TVB’s top management. However, to these talented young men, the most precious gain of all was not the awards that resulted, but the tight bonds of brotherhood developed as they supported and helped each other in various challenges throughout the competition. Each winner also shared their favorite segment and discussed their plans for the near future. Please tune in to Leisure Talk on Tuesday June 28th at 6:15pm to find out more about these four handsome young men.

Project Boyz Power Vancouver Audition Champion Embarks On A Journey To Fame


Project Boyz Power, organized by Fairchild TV in collaboration with TVB, has successfully concluded with a remarkable performance from the 8 charismatic finalists at the competition. Fairchild TV was honored to invite the Controller of Production Resources Division of TVB, Ms. Virginia Lok to Vancouver as the judge for Project Boyz Power. TVB Assistant General Manager, Mr. Felix To, Director of Production (Variety shows / Non-drama department), Ms. Sandy Yu, and TVB Controller of International Business Division Mr. Anthony Ho also flew over to Vancouver to witness the birth of TVB’s next pop star.

8 charming finalists made their grand entrance with a vibrant and energetic opening dance, manifesting youthfulness and igniting enormous passions on stage.  MCs Mary Lo and Mandy Chan introduced the 4 different challenges that the finalists must overcome to compete for the championship, including individual talent performance, catwalk, fitness test, and acting battle. The first ever Project Boyz Project Audition took an unprecedented step by inviting fans to be seated on stage, generating an uplifting atmosphere throughout the evening and overwhelming the venue with cheers and amazements.

The 8 finalists captivated the audience with exceptional charm and expressiveness on stage as they presented their talent performances. #1 Jeffrey Leung, who has undergone formal training as a member of a Korean boy band, performed an innovative fusion dance number, earning a round of  applause with his ambitious blend of modern hip hop with traditional Chinese martial arts. The youngest among all contestants, #2 Angus Yam, who has competed in various inter-school singing contests, sang the melodious song "Bicycle" with overflowing emotions.


As a professional dancer, #3 Christopher Wong staged a self-choreographed spectacular modern dance with incredible power. An energetic and sporty half Chinese and half Spanish boy, #4 Andoni Usubiaga, brought forward a dynamic and fun freestyle soccer performance, filling the venue with lots of fun.


#5 Stanley Wong delivered an impressive nunchaku performance, imitating Bruce Lee's flexibility and physical prowess. Returning to the stage after participating at the Super 10 in 2012, #6 Jack Wang, instead of focusing on the more masculine side of himself and years of martial arts experience, he chose to show off his musical talent by impressing the judges with an enchanting and mesmerizing piano piece. 


The 18-year-old-boy-next-door #7 Carter Wong played with his basketball freestyle with dexterity, full of surprising tricks and acrobatic movements. Lastly, the 6 feet 3 university Theatre Program major #8 Matthew Chan, sang <Viva la Vida> with a dazzling solo guitar backing. 


Partnering with 5 beautiful ladies from the Miss Vancouver Pageant, the 8 contestants put on a stylish fashion show, switching from chic and trendy casual look to Korean formal wear with a sensational gentlemanly sophistication.


During the fitness test, the contestants conquered various physical challenges within a given time, while showing off their well-built body and revealing the divine masculine from within.


Last but not least, the contestants were divided into 4 groups for the acting battle. Each group was assigned to reenact a famous scene in various popular TVB drama series, including "My Dangerous Mafia Retirement Plan", by #1 Jeffrey and #6 Jack, as the two were involved in a thrilling fighting scene.


" Short End of the Stick", by #2 Angus and #8 Matthew, highlighted by Matthew's funny and well-rounded imitation of eunuch, Chan Siu-fung;

"Tiger Cubs", by #3 Christopher and #7 Carter, as Carter portrayed the special guest performer Oscar Leung's role, Chong Chuk-yuen, the ambience being spiced up by this gimmick; 

Lastly "Triumph in the Skies" by #4 Andoni and #5 Stanley, as Stanley and Andoni took on the role as Pilot Samuel Tong and Issac Tong respectively. 

After several rounds of the competitions, the special guest performer from TVB, Oscar Leung, graced the stage with "The Best is Yet to Come" and "Those were the Days" for the first time in Vancouver, earning thunderous applause from the audience. Recognized for his recent appearance in a new food program Eat La Men, Oscar is highly acclaimed for his humorous and witty characteristic. He even travelled up the audience section to give out souvenirs while interacting with fans, boosting the atmosphere with lots of excitement.

After much deliberation, Ms. Virginia Lok along with the panel of judges including popular artiste Ms. Anita Lee, renowned theatre performer and director Mr. Peter Poon and modeling instructor Mr. Adam Yao unanimously selected both #1 Jeffrey and #6 Jack as Project Boyz Power Champion. After receiving the Championship trophy from Ms. Lok, Jeffrey and Jack will also be awarded an audition opportunity at TVB or its affiliates in China, ready to embark on a journey to fame. To recap the excitement on the day, please tune into Project Boyz Power Final aired on Fairchild TV on Sunday, June 26, 2016 at 8:55pm.

 Award Results:Champions:#1 Jeffrey Leung and #6 Jack Wang, OSIM Most Energetic Performance Award : #3 Christopher Wong, Jeans First Most Stylish New Star Award : #8 Matthew Chan

My $10,000 Cash Prize Game Week 3 Winners


Congratulations to My $10,000 Cash Prize Game winner Cheng Ka Wan for winning a $200 cash prize! She is entitled to win more by automatically entering the $10,000 grand prize draw as well.

Project Boyz Power Press Conference


Project Boyz Power, organized by Fairchild TV in collaboration with TVB, is ready to enter the final round of the competition. The champion will be awarded an audition opportunity at TVB or its affiliates in China, ready to embark on a journey to fame. To ensure that the most unique and outstanding individual will be selected at this overseas recruitment, TVB has sent the Controller of Production Resources Division of TVB, Ms. Virginia Lok to Vancouver as one of the judges for Project Boyz Power. Ms. Lok along with TVB Controller of International Business Division Mr. Anthony Ho, and special guest performer Mr. Oscar Leung, attended Project Boyz Power press conference just minutes upon their arrival.

The 8 handsome finalists, with an average height of 6 feet and a well-built body, have led the press conference as astonishing models, manifesting their individuality and unique charisma. Each contestant is equipped with remarkable talents and outstanding styles, including #1 Jeffrey Leung, who has undergone formal training as a member of a Korean boy band; #2 Angus Yam, the youngest contestant who has competed in various inter-school singing contests; #3 Christopher Wong, a professional dancer; #4 Andoni Usubiaga, an energetic and sporty half Chinese and half Spanish boy.


#5 Stanley Wong, with high aspiration for a career in the entertainment industry; #6 Jack Wang, who has returned to the stage after participating at the Super 10 in 2012; #7 Carter Wong, with a sunshine boy-next-door look; and lastly #8 Matthew Chan, a Theatre Program major in the university. With such a high caliber lineup, audience will be definitely be impressed by their upcoming performance. During the press conference, the 8 finalists shared interesting stories throughout the training with MC Mary Lo. Despite the tight schedule on singing, dancing, acting, and fitness, the boys thoroughly enjoyed every moment and are ready to shine on stage.


The introduction of the 8 finalists was followed by the grand entrance of the special guest performer from TVB, Oscar Leung. After years of tremendous effort in the entertainment industry, he has gained recognition for his 2012 role in L’Escargot, which earned him the Most Improved Male Actor Award at the 2012 TVB Anniversary Awards, and later wowed the fans with his leading role in both Tiger Cubs and Tiger Cubs II. Other than his recent appearance in K9 Cop, he is highly acclaimed for his quick-wits and fun characteristics as a host at the new food program Eat La Men, and reality show Campstar. His humorous hosting style, along with a positive and healthy image, has also generated a lot of positive feedbacks from the audience. Oscar has long been attracted by the supernaturally beautiful setting and scenic beauty of Vancouver from his previous visits. He is also amazed by the city as an ideal environment to nurture glamorous ladies and handsome gentlemen. At the Final, he will grace the stage with his singing talents for the first time in Vancouver. His live performance will definitely conjure up endless surprises! As a warm welcome, President of Fairchild Media Group Mr. Joe Chan presented Oscar with a souvenir, and wished for a successful show.

In addition, Ms. Virginia Lok shared her criteria in choosing Project Boyz Power champion, and encouraged all contestants to put forth their best effort to deliver an extraordinary performance. With these criteria in mind, the 8 finalists are one step closer to capturing the championship. Project Boyz Power Vancouver Audition will be held on June 13th at River Rock Show Theatre. Ms. Virginia Lok, along with the panel of judges including popular artiste Ms. Anita Lee, renowned theatre performer and director Mr. Peter Poon and modeling instructor Mr. Adam Yao, will select the Project Boyz Power champion. Fairchild TV is also honored to invite TVB Assistant General Manager, Mr. Felix To and Director of Production (Variety shows / Non-drama department), Ms. Sandy Yu, to attend the Final and witness the birth of TVB’s next pop star.

Project Boyz Power Vancouver Audition will be broadcasted on Fairchild TV on Sunday, June 26, 2016 at 8:55pm. Don’t miss out on this exciting competition!

My $10,000 Cash Prize Game Week 2 Winners


Congratulations to My $10,000 Cash Prize Game week 2 winners, Abraham Lam from Toronto and Paul Kwon and Wee On Chin from Vancouver for each winning a $200 cash prize! They are all entitled to win more by automatically entering the ultimate $10,000 cash prize draw. Please tune in to Fairchild TV. The next lucky winner could be you!For details please visit theMy $10,000 Cash Prize Gamewebsite.

Project Boyz Power Vancouver 8th Training


The Project B.P Final is just around the corner. As the 8 finalists have completed their preparations, they are ready to take the stage with confidence on June 13th to compete for championship, the OSIM Most Energetic Performance Award and the Jeans First Most Stylish New Star Award. After undergoing a tight performance training schedule, the boys put everything they have learned together in the final rehearsal. Their hard work has yielded great reward as each contestant excel in all segments of the show including military dance, individual talent performances, fashion show, acting and fitness challenges. The most exciting part is of course the boys’ collaboration with the girls of Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant. Together, the handsome men and gorgeous ladies will create the most wonderful chemistry onstage. During the rehearsal, the cast and crew gathered to surprise Mary with a birthday cake while the contestants each giving Mary the early warmest wish.


Project Boyz Power Vancouver 7th Training


Creating different images for the boys of Project B.P requires a variety of chic outfits in a wide range of styles. To achieve this, Fairchild TV has received the support from a number of sponsors. In preparation for the final, Image Director, Betty, led the contestants to the sponsors’ for fittings. The boys tried Korean style suits to showcase their gentlemanly sides as well as trendy and fashionable casual wear to highlight their cool and charismatic attitudes. As preparations come to an end, the boys are now ready to show off different aspects of themselves at the final on June 13th.


BC Children’s Hospital Chinese-Canadian Miracle Weekend


Fairchild TV has always supported the BC Children’s Hospital to help improve the quality of healthcare for kids. This year, the BC Children’s Hospital Chinese-Canadian Miracle Weekend Telethon, hosted by Carmen Shao, Mary Lo and Delon Lew featured stories of young patients and interviews with hospital staff to reveal the urgent needs of sick children. TV viewers showed their support by calling in the donation hotline nearly nonstop throughout the evening. The event successfully raised a total of $700,000 in donations. This sum will go towards providing high quality healthcare equipment for the province’s youth and funding for new healthcare research and techniques. The BC Children’s Hospital Chinese-Canadian Miracle Weekend Fundraising Committee has rewarded an appreciation plaque to Fairchild TV as a token of gratitude for our continued support and contributions to the community.


Stroll for Liver


On a sunny Sunday morning Miss Chinese Vancouver and Miss Chinese International Jennifer Coosemans, accompanied by Leisure Talk host William Ho, headed to Burnaby Central Park to participate at the Canadian Liver Foundation Stroll for Liver Event. Along with over 100 passionate citizens, Jennifer and William showed their support for the Foundation and encouraged others to learn more about liver health. The walk raised an impressive $20,000 going towards BC liver research and funding for educational purpose.


My $10,000 Cash Prize Game Week 1 Winners


The week 1 $200 Cash prize lucky winners, Miss Gu and Edmond Leung have just picked up their cheques from Fairchild TV! You could be one of the winners of a $200 cash prize or even the grand prize of $10,000! Tune in to Fairchild TV, Fairchild TV 2 HD and Talentvision to participate in our My $10,000 cash prize game before the deadline on June 12.

Van. Project B.P City Chat & Leisure Talk


After a series of intensive trainings for more than a month, the final countdown for Project Boyz Power Vancouver Audition has begun. The 8 finalists recently participated at interviews in Leisure Talk and City Chat to share their thoughts and feelings throughout the process and discuss the brotherhood bonding during this amazing journey. Make sure to stay tuned and find out more about these 8 charming finalists!

Broadcasting date and time:
Talentvision’s City Chat – June 2 and 9 (Thursday) PST 10:15pm
Fairchild TV’s Leisure Talk – June 10 (Friday) 6:15pm

Project B.P Vancouver Audition 6th Training


Each of the 8 Project Boyz Power finalists is gifted with his own uniqueness. Yet they all possess one thing in common, which is their charming and energetic personality. Not only did they record the finale theme song together, but also filmed a music video, showing off their sunshine and lively characteristics. In addition to demonstrating their singing and dancing talents, they have also taken a stroll down to the seaside, having a lot of fun filming under the beautiful weather while participating in various outdoor sports, such as playing soccer, biking, and skateboarding, playful and enthusiastic on and off camera. The MV shooting was concluded with a group photo of all 8 finalists, along with the young MV actress, with tons of energies radiating throughout.


Project B.P Vancouver Audition 5th Training


A cool and charismatic man encompasses not only dashing good looks, but also a fit and attractive physique. Many of the 8 Project B.P contestants enjoy exercising and playing sports as a hobby. To allow each contestant to confront their upcoming challenge onstage in the best physical condition possible, the boys is undergoing training by a personal instructor. A unique fitness program is designed to cater for the body type of each individual contestant and maximize muscle building as well as shaping of body lines. By exchanging hard work and sweat for eye-catching appearances, the 8 boys are another step closer to reaching their dreams at the final. The Project B.P Vancouver finalists will be revealed to the public shortly, tune in to keep updated with the coolest and most handsome young men in Vancouver!


Congratulations to Fairchild advisor Mr. Au Yeung


Aside from regularly attending advisory committee meetings to provide valuable advice to Fairchild TV and reflect the community’s needs, highly respected Fairchild TV Advisory Committee member Mr. Yik Fung Au Yeung has also spent many years passionately volunteering for charity. Now nearing 90 years of age, Mr. Au Yeung’s proud accomplishments and services include the former position of Asian Affairs advisor for the Dean of the University of Victoria, delivering seminars on taxes and accounting for S.U.C.C.E.S.S, and long term engagement with the Canadian Cancer Society. Mr. Au Yeung is also the recipient of the 2012 Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal as well as the 2015 Most Influential Community Leader Award. Recently, the Vancouver Chinatown Lions Club has awarded Mr. Au Yeung with a Medal of Honour to recognize his 30 years of selfless devotion to the Chinese Canadian community. To Mr. Au Yeung, age is never an issue as he continues his contributions towards the public, which sets an exceptional example for younger generations.

Project B.P Vancouver Audition 4th Training


To become the next TVB pop star, it is crucial to be attractive, while having the ability to sing and act. Although the 8 contestants all have their own unique talents, mastering the basics of singing is a foundation. Under the guidance of the well-known singing coach, Ms. Annabelle Louie, the contestants recorded the theme song for the finale MV, showing off their singing skills. Despite their lack of formal training, their enthusiasm in learning and aspiration for a career in the entertainment industry has led to a more than satisfactory outcome. The day of recording happened to be the birthday of one of the contestants, Matthew, also known as the "Boss" among the contestants. He was titled the "Boss", all thanks to his tall height of 6 feet 3 inches. Matthew was touched by the surprise birthday cake, and the warm birthday wishes from his fellow contestants. During the past few weeks of training, the 8 contestants have bonded and became good friends. Together with the joy and laughter that they bring to the set, a fun and vibrant atmosphere has been created throughout the competition.


Project B.P Vancouver Audition 3rd Training


The 8 handsome Project B.P. contestants just finished the official photo shoot when 8 different outfits in a variety of styles were presented, unleashing the infinite image possibilities from these handsome young men. The photos will be used for promotional purposes including posters, television promos and online. With that many different looks each contestant appeared in within a single day, one can imagine how busy image director Betty would be. Despite the tight schedules, the boys thoroughly enjoyed the moments in front of the camera, experimenting different poses for each style such as cool and charismatic, powerful, sophisticated, avant-garde, trendy and more. Modeling instructor Sisi was on set to provide tips to the contestants on how to carry themselves to bring out their individual characters. At the same time, the boys also took part in interviews for What’s On to share their experiences in the competition. The interviews will be aired on What’s On every Sunday at 7:40pm from May 15th – June 5th. The 8 contestants’ official looks will be revealed to the public shortly. Please tune in and keep updated with the Boyz Power Vancouver!


Project B.P Vancouver Audition 2nd Training


The 8 finalists of Project Boyz Power Vancouver Audition are receiving superior training from professionals in various fields, preparing them to be the stars of tomorrow. Renowned singer and singing coach Annabelle Louie are teaching the contestants singing and performance skills as well as providing them tips on how to use their voices effectively. Experienced playwright Truman Chiu is increasing the finalists acting abilities, showing the contestants how to think outside the box to bring out their true selves. In order for the contestants to fully capture the star aura, stage director Didi has set strict training that calls for the final 8 to practice their stage and dance steps. In addition, modeling instructor Sisi is coaching the contestants how to pose in different outfits to reflect their own unique style. With the best professionals working together, Project B.P. Final is guaranteed to conjure up endless surprises.


Project Boyz Power Vancouver
Supporting Alberta Disaster Relief


Amidst their busy photo shooting schedules, the Project B.P. contestants squeezed time during lunch break to visit the Canadian Red Cross’s donation booth for the Fort McMurray disaster relief at Aberdeen Centre. The boys banded together to show their charitable spirit as they made donations to the good cause, hoping to offer some assistance to the victims.

Alberta Wildfire Relief


The fire in Fort McMurray Alberta has rapidly expanded over 12 communities and has grown 9 times in size, surpassing the total area of the city of Calgary. With 100,000 residents forced to evacuate and thousands of buildings destroyed, many people no longer have a home to return to. This fire is the largest that has ever occurred in Alberta’s history. Fairchild TV is appealing to everyone to lend a helping hand and donate to the Canadian Red Cross. The federal government will match each donation made so that your contribution to disaster relief will be doubled. In addition, the Canadian Red Cross will set up a donation booth at Aberdeen Centre in Richmond B.C. on Saturday May 7th from 11:30am – 4:30pm. Please visit the booth in person to make a donation. Let us work together to bring aid to the residents of Fort McMurray.

For more information, please log onto the Canadian Red Cross Fort MuMurray donation page.

Project B.P Vancouver Audition 1st Training


Project Boyz Power Vancouver Audition finalists are now fully immersed in training. Amongst all those who auditioned, the 8 chosen finalists are of absolute top quality. Their height averages to 6ft tall and each possesses an extremely fit physique. Multitalented with diverse backgrounds, including professional dancer, Korea trained artiste and performing arts student, some are active, some lively, plus boy-next-door, cool and of course, handsome and sophisticated. Under the witness of a notary, they signed contracts to begin their journey to fame, a few younger members even accompanied by their parents. Image design is crucial in liberating the natural essence of the finalists. Image Director Betty led the group of contestants for fittings at different sponsors. The boys tried on a variety of fashion styles such as smart casual, chic, formal and more. Visit our website to keep updated with the latest news and stories of the 8 finalists as they make the journey though this life changing contest!


Project Boyz Power Vancouver Audition


Project Boyz Power organized by Fairchild TV in collaboration with TVB has just held its Vancouver audition in the studio when a group of handsome young men were prepared to challenge themselves. They attended to details on their outfits and showed off a variety of talents including violin, singing, playing instruments, Chinese kungfu, street dance, drawing, freestyle soccer tricks and more. Acting ability is considered a key component at this competition. During the audition, contestants were tested on their acting skills and requested to reenact a scene from a drama. Each contestant tried their very best, often times wowing the judges, In addition, they have to demonstrate their modeling physique and catwalk to ensure that those who passed the audition are truly the best of the best. Ready to become top stars, the 8 finalists will receive professional training in all aspects including stage training, dance, acting, singing, and styling. In just a short time, these ordinary young men will be making a full transformation into stage ready stars. The final 8 contestants will be revealed to the public in shortly. Visit our website to keep updated on the latest happenings of Project B.P.!


CCS Telethon Successfully Completed


Fairchild TV has always shown great support to charity organizations. Every year in April, Fairchild TV partners with the Canadian Cancer Society to produce the Canadian Cancer Society Telethon with the latest information on cancer research and ways to help cancer patients making a speedy recovery. This year, the CCS Telethon was held on April 9th. MC’s William Ho and Jamie Gao interviewed professionals from different fields to promote information on cancer prevention. Culinary expert Mrs. Taam introduced simple yet delicious healthy dishes. MC Manica Ng was also stationed at the telethon call center all evening. With the contributions from generous donors, the telethon has successfully raised a total of $120,000 to improve the quality of life for cancer patients while enriching the diversity of cancer research.


Singer Agnes Chiang celebrates HoHo’s Birthday


Renowned multitalented artiste Agnes Chiang was active in music, film, and television in the 80’s. She debuted at the Asia Singing Competition and had since released many albums. Amongst her works, the song I’m Crazy for You was a big hit and a classic familiar to many. Although Agnes had stepped down from the entertainment industry after marrying lawyer Yeung Zhi Ming in 1988, she has been active again in recent years by releasing a Gospel Album as a Catholic to inspire others to search for the meaning of life. Agnes has also formed a charity group in hopes of helping those in need. When she visited Leisure Talk for a chat to share her recent experience, it happened to be program host William Ho’s birthday. The taping had ended up as an enjoyable birthday celebration as well!

Culinary Expert Mrs. Taam’s Birthday


Famous for her vast knowledge in cooking, culinary expert Mrs. Taam began hosting cooking programs for Fairchild TV in the 90’s and has opened her own home economics centre. Those who have tried Mrs. Taam’s cooking all love her delicious dishes and name her a culinary expert. In preparation for the Canadian Cancer Society Telethon, Mrs. Taam recorded a segment to introduce healthy dishes. Both cast and crew gathered to give Mrs. Taam a birthday surprise on that particular day. Mrs. Taam was very touched by the sweet gesture and everyone took a group picture together to commemorate this special moment.

Jennifer Coosemans Volunteers for UGM


Fairchild TV is constantly putting in a lot of volunteering efforts in community events to aid those in need. This past Easter holiday, Miss Chinese Vancouver and Miss Chinese International, Jennifer Coosemans had served Easter meals at the Union Gospel Mission to Vancouver downtown East side residents. She worked hard to prepare utensils for visitors, ensuring that each person could receive his/her meal as soon as they arrived. Jennifer expressed her happiness at being able to do her part in the society. This was her first visit to this area after moving from Terrace. Through this experience, Jennifer saw a whole different side of Vancouver and realized that this city is full of love and affection as everyone joined hand to provide the less fortunate with a wonderful Easter weekend.


Fairchild beauties volunteered in Daffodil month


Miss Chinese Vancouver 2nd Runner Up Lettitia Lai and VANtastic host Manica Ng participated at the daffodil sale organized by the Canadian Cancer Society to raise funds for charity. The two kind-hearted beauties received much support from many generous citizens as they worked hard to appeal for donations. Lettitia and Manica both felt honoured to be able to do their part for a good cause. The sign of daffodils marks the end of winter and the beginning of spring. They are also symbols of the strength of life and hope. Both Lettitia and Manica expressed their wishes for patients to overcome their illnesses and bravely fight for life.


TVB Fairchild Fans Party
On-screen Lovers’ Sweet Adventure in Canada


Beloved sweetheart Eliza Sam, Best girlfriend Natalie Tong, along with handsome Lokyi Lai and Mat Yeung will form the sweetest group of on-screen lovers to tour the East and West coasts at the Fans Party. They will have a romantic rendezvous with fans amidst the beautiful cherry blossom season.

Sweetheart Eliza Sam was born and raised in Vancouver. In just a few short years, through the Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant, Eliza transformed from a CBC with little knowledge of the Chinese language to one of TVB’s most sought after actresses. Eliza was crowned the title of Miss Chinese Vancouver in 2009, subsequently winning the Miss Chinese International Pageant in 2010 followed by an artiste management contract offer from TVB when her career in the entertainment industry was officially launched.  Eliza made her major drama debut as a reporter in Divas in Distress in 2012 and immediately earned audience’s favor with her sweet smile and bright personality. Since then, Eliza has appeared in 15 productions in three short years. Beginning with a supporting role in The Hippocratic Crush II, moving on to major roles in Coffee Cat Mama and Brick Slaves, and finally taking on the lead role in both Under the Veil and Angel In The Making this year. Eliza’s healthy and friendly image is popular amongst advertisers, securing her numerous opportunities as a spokesperson in commercials. Despite her occasional visit to Vancouver for family gatherings, the upcoming Fans Party will be her first official public appearance in Canada and her first time performing at a Fairchild event.


Lokyi’s charisma swept up many Canadian fans’ hearts when he appeared as the special guest for Super 10 in 2011. Since 2012, he participated at a continuous 900 episodes of the daily TV series, Come Home Love, where his role as the witty and smart John Ma accompanies TV viewers every day. In 2003, Lokyi debuted in the series Hearts of Fencing and has since taken part in many dramas, including supporting roles in the Forensic Heroes series and Heart of Greed series. He then moved on to playing more major roles in dramas such as Beauty of the Game, Ruse of Engagement, and King Maker. Surprisingly, not only is Lokyi an amazing actor, but he was also recognized for his talent in dance. In 2011 he participated in Hunan Television’s program Strictly Come Dancing where he collaborated with his partner from China to win 1st place in the 3rd season. Apart from his performance in Vancouver back in 2011, Lokyi has had a strong connection with the city too, as he was sitting at the judging panel for Miss Chinese International Pageant 2016 in January when the Vancouver delegate Jennifer Coosemans was selected as the winner.


‘Best Girlfriend’ Natalie Tong truly lives up to the name, exemplified by the roles she has taken up throughout her career. During the early years, Natalie partnered with Lokyi as his girlfriend in Hearts of Fencing. The two will be reunited at the upcoming Fans Party. Natalie herself has a youthful and healthy image. But she was highly acclaimed for her portrayal of the 2010 tragic character in A Fistful of Stances too. In that same year, Natalie captured the Most Improved Female Artiste Award at the TVB Anniversary Awards Presentation. Since then, Natalie has taken on a great variety of major roles, even acting as villains in The Life and Times of a Sentinel, Forensic Heroes III, and Tiger Cubs. One of Natalie’s notable achievements is her performance in Bullet Brain alongside three-time “TV King” Wayne Lai, where she took on dual roles from their teens to their 40’s, truly a breakthrough in her career. This year, Natalie has been featured in recent dramas Speed of Life and Short End of the Stick, both as the main cast.


Aside from past on screen lovers Natalie Tong and Lokyi Lai, Fans Party ’16 will also pair up Eliza Sam with upcoming on screen boyfriend in Triad Boss Under the Line of Fire, Mat Yeung. Mat has experienced a winding journey in his acting career up until 2011 when he regained the spotlight for his role in Be Home for Dinner and subsequently garnered more attention for his performances in Outbound Love and Storm in a Cocoon. Last year, Mat finally made a great step forward as he took on the male leads in the series Momentary Lapse of Reason and The Executioner. As one of the most promising TVB artistes, Mat is polishing his acting skills further drama after drama accompanied by rapidly rising popularity. 


Featuring on screen couples Lokyi Lai and Natalie Tong as well as Eliza Sam and Mat Yeung, Fans Party will sure create a sweet and romantic ambience that audiences will not want to miss out on!

Event Dates are as follows:
Press Conference and Autograph Session
Date: April 17th (Sunday) 6:30pm
Location: Aberdeen Centre

TVB Fairchild Fans Party
Date: April 18th (Monday) 8:00pm
Location: River Rock Show Theatre

Press Conference and Autograph Session
Date: April 19th (Tuesday) 7:00pm
Location: Markham Place

TVB Fairchild Fans Party
Date: April 20th (Wednesday) 8:00pm
Location: John Bassett Theatre

Jennifer Coosemans attended the Lunar Fest


Miss Chinese Vancouver 2015 and Miss Chinese International 2016, Jennifer Coosemans attended the Lunar Fest as a special guest at its opening ceremony and brought Chinese New Year greetings to the community. Dressed in red to celebrate the holidays, Jennifer expressed that as a small town girl from Terrace B.C. she had never had a real Chinese New Year celebrations experience. She was truly amazed by all the festive activities and decorations around the city at her first ever Chinese New Year in Vancouver. This year’s Lunar Fest saw artists from Taiwan and Canada collaborating in a monkey-inspired artwork to represent the traditions of Chinese New Year. Traditional Taiwanese puppeteers also travelled to Vancouver to perform, showing off their masterful hands skilfully controlling the puppet strings. In addition, the smallest ever lion dance team came to wish everyone a happy New Year and invited special guests on stage to share the fun. Always proud of her Chinese root, Jennifer tried her hand at lion dance under the guidance of the puppet master. To conclude her experience, she took a picture with the Golden Monkey King and joined the other guest with the cute little monkeys for a group photo, wishing everyone good fortune in the Year of the Monkey.


Miss Chinese Vancouver Senior Home Visit


Amidst the festivities of the Chinese New Year, Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant and past Super 10 contestants paid a visit to the Mount St. Joseph Hospital Senior Home and the S.U.C.C.E.S.S. Simon K.Y. Lee Senior Home to bring Chinese New Year greetings and perform for the senior residents there. The spotlight, of course, was on Miss Chinese International 2016 Jennifer Coosemans’ performance of The Moon Represents My Heart on the trombone. Her upbeat twist on the classic songs earned cheers and many thumbs up from her senior fans. Jennifer’s fellow Miss Chinese Vancouver contestant Louise Dong also performed a hot flamenco dance to welcome the New Year while Ada Shang and Cindy Tong showed off their skillful Chinese peacock dance and drunken princess dance. Past Super 10 Benny and Lucky also put their amazing vocals to use and sang a happy Chinese New Year song to which the elderly residents all sang along. Talented Miss Chinese Vancouver contestant Margarita Chun painted a cute monkey right in front of the audience and gifted her work of art to the senior home as a souvenir. Lastly, the elderly residents were given Fai Chun and mandarin oranges as souvenirs and everybody was wished a happy and healthy New Year.


Chinese New Year Countdown Show


Fairchild TV held its annual Chinese New Year countdown show: Welcoming the Year of the Monkey at Aberdeen Centre to celebrate arrival of the New Year. Hundreds of Vancouver residents and visitors gathered around the stage as MC’s Carmen Shao, Mary Lo and Delon Lew introduced the amazing program lineup for the evening.

First up was 2016 Miss Chinese International Jennifer Coosemans’ first public appearance since her return from Hong Kong. Cheered by lots of fans on site, Jennifer shared stories from her Miss Chinese International Pageant experience and later led her fellow Miss Chinese Vancouver, including Lettitia Lai, Cathy Tse, Louise Dong, Margarita Chun and Bridget Tse on stage for a popular Korean dance number. Bridget also performed her skilled pole fitness to wish everyone prosperous in the New Year.

The six hosts of lifestyle program VANtastic, Vicki, Emma, Manica, Suiki, Leonard, and Leighton put on a stylish fashion show, manifesting the youthfulness of the new generation. Add on to the festive spirits, the program hosts of What’s On also gathered to perform a Chinese New Year medley. The handsome and beautiful hosts also went out into the audience to hand out red pockets to wish everyone good luck and prosperity.

Audiences were immersed in the prize games throughout the night. The lucky ones were selected to participate in the ‘Welcoming the Year of the Monkey’ game and the ‘Bringing luck to the New Year’ game.

As the evening continued on, the most anticipated countdown time finally arrived. The God of Fortune joined all performers and dignitaries on stage as everyone counted down together to welcome the beginning of the Year of the Golden Monkey. The God of Fortune went around and handed out lucky red pockets, wishing everyone a happy new year. Fairchild TV would also like to wish you a happy Chinese New Year too!

Fairchild Group Chinese New Year Annual Dinner


As a long time tradition, several hundred Fairchild Group employees gathered together at the annual dinner to welcome the New Year. Chairman of Fairchild Group Mr. Thomas Fung started off the celebrations by leading his elite management team in a toast to all staff and wishing for a prosperous New Year.

Echoing the liveliness of the Golden Monkey, the younger generation staff members took over the stage to put together fun and youthful performances as entertainment for the dinner. First up was newly crowned 2016 Miss Chinese International Jennifer Coosemans, who performed an East-meets- West rendition of the classic Chinese song The Moon Represents my Heart on her trombone. 

Miss Chinese Vancouver 1st runner up Lettitia showed off her cool Jazz dance followed by other award winners’ performances, including Louise Dong’s fervant flamenco dance, Cathy Tse’s exotic belly dance, and Margarita Chun’s portrait of Mr. Fung.


Continuing on, the 6 young hosts from Fairchild TV’s new program Vantastic modeled in a chic fashion show whereas the hosts from What’s On sang a festive Chinese New Year medley.


Aside from the amazing performances and delicious food, the entire crowd also focused on the highlight of the evening: the lucky prize draw. The huge variety of prizes and the excitement from the draw caused laughter and cheers to continue through the entire evening.


Miss Chinese International 2016
Jennifer Coosmans Press Conference


Miss Chinese Vancouver 2015 Jennifer Coosemans has returned to Vancouver bearing the proud title of Miss Chinese International 2016. Just a couple of days after her arrival, Jennifer took the chance to meet with local media to express her appreciation for their unconditional support. Jennifer was introduced at the press conference by MC Gary Yan, her stunning beauty capturing the attention of everyone in the room. Vice President of Fairchild Media Group Mr. George Lee congratulated Jennifer for her achievement as the 7th ever Vancouver delegate to win the crown at the Miss Chinese International Pageant.


Jennifer shared her experiences through the Pageant and little stories behind. She especially thanked Fairchild TV for its continuous support at both the Vancouver Pageant and International Pageants, crediting the mentors and staff for helping her to fully prepare for the competition. Jennifer described the past four months of her pageant journey as a surreal experience. She has never imagined a student like herself could go from living in interior BC, to participating at the Vancouver Pageant this past December, and finally travelling from Vancouver to step into the international spotlight. As a token of appreciation, she had brought back from Hong Kong the Pageant program book, filled with her words of thanks to Fairchild for making her dreams come true.


When asked about her performance during the competition, Jennifer revealed that she was most satisfied with her talent segment of cheerleading dance. Although Jennifer performed the trombone during the Vancouver Pageant, and had prepared to perform an East-meets-West rendition of the classic Chinese song The Moon Represents My Heart at the Miss Chinese International Pageant, the organizer preferred her cheerleading dance to be showcased onstage instead. With no prior training in cheerleading dance, Jennifer presented an amazing dance with her natural athleticism, wowing the judges and audience by landing a perfect split at the end. Jennifer also shared that her favorite image at the pageant was the “traditional” costume. While the other contestants appeared in glamorous gowns to represent their respective cities, Jennifer emerged proudly in a Vancouver Canucks ice hockey jersey, showing off the sporty and active character of a Canadian.


Jennifer was considered by the media and the public a top contender even before the competition day. The media dubbed her as a Michelle Reis lookalike, to which Jennifer commented that she is also a fan and that feels honored to be compared to one of the most beautiful Miss Hong Kong and famous artistes as Reis. Reporters were curious about Jennifer’s future plans and whether she will be pursuing a career in the Hong Kong entertainment industry. Jennifer stated that she has only just returned to Vancouver and will discuss her next step with her family. She is still young and will open to any opportunities that come her way. In the meantime, Jennifer will be working hard to improve her Cantonese and fulfill responsibilities as Miss Chinese Vancouver by participating in charity events and giving back to the community. Jennifer will also appear in upcoming episodes of What’s On and Leisure Talk. Fans audiences can learn more about another glamorous Miss Chinese International from Vancouver!

Fairchild hosts attend the CCS Monopoly Affairs Fundraiser


2014 Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant 1st Runner Up and Canadian Cancer Society Ambassador of Hope Maggie Wu, along with Fairchild TV program hosts Annabelle Louie, Deborah Moore, William Ho, and Bosco Mo had a lot of fun at the Canadian Cancer Society Monopoly Affairs fundraising event in late January. The five also acted as judges for the ‘Old Shanghai’ themed costume contest and selected the winners for the best-dressed male and female awards, even setting an example by dressing up as well. The funds raised will go towards cancer research, cancer prevention education, and better care and facilities for cancer patients and their families.

Congratulations to Miss Chinese Vancouver Jennifer


Congratulations to Miss Chinese Vancouver Jennifer Coosemans for winning the title of Miss Chinese International Pageant 2016! She has once again brought pride to Vancouver and continued on the beautiful pageant legacy. Jennifer’s outstanding beauty made her a favorite for all before the competition. The Hong Kong media even likened her to Michelle Reis, famous artiste and one of the most beautiful Miss Hong Kong. Of both Chinese and Belgium descents, Jennifer has defined facial features, a sporty figure and possesses an aura of oriental grace that earned favor amongst the judges. After the Pageant, Jennifer immediately called to share the good news and thanked Fairchild TV for giving her the opportunity to transform from a young girl from interior BC, to a pageant star. Through this experience, Jennifer has set off on a beautiful beginning, stepping onto the international stage to create her life’s most memorable journey. The Miss Chinese International Pageant 2016 will air on Fairchild TV 2 HD on Saturday January 23rd at 2:00pm PST (5:00pm EST) and on Fairchild TV on Sunday January 31st at 9:00pm. Please tune in to witness Jennifer’s amazing performance!