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March 27 (Monday): Ha Yu, Jennie Chung, Annie Chung

March 28 (Tuesday): Stanley Cheung

March 29 (Wednesday): Avan Yu

March 30 (Thursday): Andrew Choi

Maria Rincon Joins Canadian Liver Foundation Volunteer Team


Miss Chinese Vancouver 2016 Maria Rincon continues to spread love to the community, as she signed up to become a Canadian Liver Foundation volunteer. Maria has learned that the liver is a resilient, maintenance-free organ which can be easily ignored. Oftentimes, people with liver problems will be completely unaware because they may have only a few, if any, symptoms. Therefore, the only way to diagnose is to perform regular liver blood tests to assess liver functions or liver injury.

Maria wishes to help raise awareness and money for essential liver health research and education programs, and encourages everyone to join the free LIVERight Forum in April to learn more about how your liver works and how you can prevent liver disease. She also took matters into action by forming a team at the Canadian Liver Foundation's STROLL for LIVER, a community-based outdoor walk/run event happening in June. Maria is inviting everyone to join her “Miss Chinese Vancouver 2016 Team”, to get out and enjoy a day of fun and fitness for a good cause. Let’s support and join Maria’s effort, and together, help fight again liver disease!

Leisure Talk celebrity interviews – full episode archive available online


The production of Leisure Talk just returned to Vancouver last week featuring Linda Chung in this season’s premiere. After Linda’s interview was broadcasted, many viewers have inquired about online archive of the show. Aside from inviting local artistes to discuss most current trends and topics, international celebrities visiting Canada also appear in Leisure Talk to share their recent endeavors, making it one of the most favorite shows among FTV viewers. The Program Archive section of FTV official website offers fans the opportunity to review a variety of locally produced programs online. Celebrity interviews on Leisure Talk are typically available one week after the broadcast dates, allowing people from all over the world to enjoy the full episode archive online wherever and whenever they want. You may now take pleasure in watching episodes on Linda Chung, Annabelle Louie, Gigi Wong, Kimman Wong, and Yang Chen-gang online. Please stay tuned for more fantastic interviews on this site!

Fairchild TV Shows Full Support for Linda Chung's Performance at the S.U.C.C.E.S.S. Gala


Fairchild Television has always shown great support for S.U.C.C.E.S.S. charity events, including the recently held 2017 Bridge to S.U.C.C.E.S.S. Gala mced by Leisure Talk host Ricky Cheung on March 11th.

Gracing the stage this year as Special Guest Performer at the gala was Miss Chinese Vancouver 2003 and Miss Chinese International 2004 Linda Chung. Back in 2004, right after being crowned Miss Chinese International, Linda already made a debut at the S.U.C.C.E.S.S. Gala with her signature hula hoop performance. 13 years later, the new mum returned to the same event as a professional artiste, giving back to the community where she grew up. With her beautiful and melodious voice, Linda brought forth a series of hit numbers, including “Do Not Ask Who I am”, “Paisley Galaxy”, “Goddess”, and “You Gave It To Me”. Apart from these solos, the mesmerizing collaboration with one of Canada’s most promising young pianists Avan Yu in delivering the romantic classics “Vincent”, “A Tale of a Wounded City”, and “The Most Blissful Thing” instantly melted the hearts of the audience.

Many popular TV personalities, including Carmen Shao, Mrs. Bernice Taam, Mary Lo, William Ho, Delon Lew, and Eileen Fong, along with a group of news anchors showed their support for Linda and this meaningful charity gala. Miss Chinese Vancouver 2016 Maria Rincon went on stage to present flowers to cheer for Linda, her role model from the same prestigious pageant. After the gala, Linda personally thanked every one of her friends from Fairchild who has attended the event. She also expressed her deep gratitude for the unforgettable experience, support, and love from Fairchild TV throughout her career as an artiste.

The event successfully raised a total of $539,109 in donations. This sum will go towards maintaining, enhancing and developing timely and superior S.U.C.C.E.S.S. services for the community.

2017 Hong Kong Chief Executive election


The 2017 Hong Kong Chief Executive election is scheduled to be held on March 26. To provide the public with an in-depth understanding of each candidate’s election platforms, John Tsang, Carrie Lam, and Woo Kwok-hing will face off against each other in a televised debate organized by the seven largest media in Hong Kong. Fairchild Television will broadcast the “2017 Chief Executive Election Debate” on March 14 (Tuesday) at 9:55pm to 11:30pm. Make sure to stay tuned and witness the heated debate as the three candidates cross swords on prominent issues in Hong Kong.

Annabelle Eternal Love Charity Concert 2017 Press Conference


To express gratitude for her fans’ continuous support for the past 35 years, Leisure Talk host and singing diva Annabelle Louie released her first audiophile album “Eternal Love” last year. Featuring 10 cover versions, this collaboration project with renowned producer Antonio Arevalo Jr. is a tribute to Annabelle’s male superstar friends. In her upcoming charity concert on April 2, she will be performing live onstage selected tracks from this 100% “Made in Canada” HiFi album.

Recently, Annabelle shared details of her Eternal Love Charity Concert 2017 at a press conference mced by her student from “Project Boyz Power” and “What’s On” host Angus Yam. In addition to presenting her own sweet and harmonic melodies, she also wishes to raise awareness for Alzheimer’s disease. Proceeds from the concert will go towards Alzheimer Society of BC to help fund care, support, advocacy and research for this disease.

Angus representing Vancouver at the
International Chinese New Talent Singing Championship


Vancouver is known for fostering not only talented ladies, but also aspiring individuals in performing arts. Many famous singers debuted through representing Vancouver in the International Chinese New Talent Singing Championship when they wowed everyone with their outstanding performances; some of best examples include Jade Kwan and Phil Lam. This year, the talented Project Boyz Power contestant Angus Yam will represent Vancouver to compete in the 2016 TVB International Chinese New Talent Singing Championship. Angus, at the young age of 18, caught the audience's attention at Project Boyz Power. All attending guests were captivated by his emotional rendition of the melodious song "Bicycle" at the show. Gifted with a singing talent, Angus has competed in various inter-school singing contests before stepping onto the professional stage of Project Boyz Power. Angus was subsequently recruited as a What’s On host, and participated in various events including a presentation of Leslie Cheung's classic numbers with a symphony orchestra at Taiwan Fest, performing at SUCCESS Walk with the Dragon, and modeling at the Canadian Cancer Society Gift of Hope Gala Fashion Show. In preparation for the upcoming International Chinese New Talent Singing Championship, Angus has been bettering his knowledge and polishing his technique in singing and is now ready to show off his best self and shine on the international stage.


Miss Chinese Vancouver’s visit at
S.U.C.C.E.S.S. Senior Home


Chinese New year is the most important traditional festivals in the Chinese community. Amidst the festivities of CNY, Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant contestants paid a visit to the S.U.C.C.E.S.S. Simon K.Y. Lee Senior Home to bring greetings and cheers to the senior residents there. First up, Venessa Li transformed herself into a Tang Dynasty noble consort and present a graceful Chinese dance. Next up was Miss Chinese Vancouver 2nd Runner-up Sherry Xue, who sang the classic Green Island Serenade with a sweet voice and great emotions. Last but not least was Miss Chinese Vancouver Champion Maria Rincon, who performed an energetic and lively Chinese fan dance, filling the venue with endless laughter, joy and festive spirit. As a wrap up, the three beautiful ladies handed out Fai Chun and mandarin oranges as souvenirs to the elderly residents and wished them a happy and healthy New Year.


Fairchild Television Lunar New Year Ceremony


On the first day of the Year of the Rooster, President of Fairchild Media Group Mr. Joe Chan led a team of Fairchild TV staff and invited Fairchild Group management team to host the New Year Ceremony. Each department head wished for good fortune in the Year of the Rooster. To conclude the ceremony was a lively and energetic lion dance gracing various offices to bring good luck to Fairchild staff and anticipate a prosperous new year.


Chinese New Year Countdown @ Aberdeen


The Chinese New Year Countdown Show at Aberdeen Centre has become a tradition for Fairchild Television to welcome Chinese New Year with audience. After enjoying New Year's Eve dinner, Vancouver residents and visitors were invited to celebrate together at the city’s largest New Year Countdown Show. First up was a Kung Fu performance by 30 young and athletic gentlemen followed by a festive Chinese Fan Dance by Miss Chinese Vancouver 2016 Maria Rincon, a lively duo martial arts performance by 1st runner-up Prenda Wang and 2nd runner-up Sherry Xue. Together with Project Boyz Power Champion Jeffrey’s energetic kung fu performance, the venue was filled with cheers and thunderous applause.


The performance didn’t end there as the 8 beautiful Miss Chinese Vancouver, including the three winners, along with Irene Cheng, Cecilia Pan, Venessa Li, Katrina Shi and Lily Wong, presented a lively and charming Broadway jazz dance. Last but not least, the traditional lion dance conveyed an exotic and celebratory atmosphere.

Aside from entertaining performances, MC Mary Lo, Mandy Chan, and Suiki Zhang invited the audience onto the stage to play a series of fun-filled games. These lucky members were teamed up with Miss Chinese Vancouver to participate in various games: the first game required great memory; the second and classic “Collector Game” requested for a collection of items from the audience, who would take a picture with the items and send it to Fairchild Television Facebook page; the last and the most hilarious game demanded contestants to fill up as many red pockets as possible while standing on one foot with a golden egg on their head. The series of fun-filled games spread boundless laughter and endless amusement around the venue.


News anchor Hon Sang Chan, What’s On hosts Shirley Zhou and Angus Yam went around and handed out lucky red pockets, wishing everyone a happy new year. Chinese astrologist also shared the forecast for the Year of Rooster, and tips on how to bring good luck and avoid bad luck.


As the evening continued on, the most anticipated countdown time finally arrived. Ms. Christy Clark, The Premier of British Columbia and local politicians as well as the God of Fortune joined all performers and dignitaries on stage as everyone counted down together to welcome the Year of the Rooster. Fairchild TV would also like to wish you a happy and prosperous New Year!

Maria Rincon as Officiating Guest of the
2017 Lunar Fest


Miss Chinese Vancouver Maria Rincon attended the Lunar Fest as a special guest at its opening ceremony and brought Chinese New Year greetings to the community. Half Columbian and half Chinese, Maria is proficient in multiple languages, which is a perfect manifestation of Canada’s unique multiculturalism, and Lunar Fest’s endeavour to involve both new and long time Canadian Chinese at this event. As a festival that celebrates one of the oldest traditions in many Asian cultures, the theme for this year’s Lunar Fest is Winter Olympics. Visitors are invited to re-live the Olympic hype with mini Olympic challenges. Thousands of colourful rooster figures are also distributed across Queen Elizabeth Plaza for them to enjoy. Maria would like to wish everyone good fortune in the Year of the Rooster, ¡Feliz Año Nuevo (Happy Chinese New Year).


Fairchild Group Chinese New Year Annual Dinner


The annual Fairchild Group Chinese New Year Dinner gathered 500 employees to welcome the New Year. To start off the New Year celebration, Chairman of Fairchild Group Mr. Thomas Fung led his elite management team in a toast to all staff and wished for a prosperous New Year.

It is not a celebration without delicious food and lively performances. Fairchild Television has prepared a series of uplifting performances delivered by a talented group of pretty ladies and handsome gentleman. First up, we had Fairchild TV "News 4" formed by news anchors HS Chan, Clement Tang, Johnny Wong, and Sabrina Chan. They played and sang "My Pride" and "The Years Like Songs", showing off their multi-talents.

Next up was 2016 Miss Chinese Vancouver Maria Rincon, who performed an energetic and lively Chinese fan dance. Miss Chinese Vancouver 1st runner-up Prenda Wang sang a joyful “You are The Best” and wished everyone the best of luck in the Year of Rooster. Musical Theatre graduate of the renowned Shanghai Conservatory of Music, Miss Chinese Vancouver 2nd runner-up Sherry Xue's “All That Jazz” earned rounds of applause. Last but not least, we had What’s On host Angus Yam presenting a medley of classic Chinese New Year songs, filling the venue with festive spirit and endless joy.


Aside from organizing a series of fun-filled performances, Fairchild Television produced a Mannequin Challenge clip to further entertain the guests.This amusing clip required incredible teamwork and creativity from FTV staff, and everyone had boundless fun showing off their acting skills.

Another highlight of the evening was the most anticipated lucky prize draw. With the huge variety of prizes and the excitement from the draw, nonstop laughter and cheers were lingering throughout the entire evening.