Introducing the latest offer from TVB Anywhere – TVB Anywhere Travel Pass
The card that brings you exciting entertainment wherever you go

The new “TVB Anywhere Travel Pass” is the only TVB authorized product specially created for global use. Service area includes over 150 countries and regions around the world, allowing frequent travellers to enjoy the quality services of TVB Anywhere and watch live channels and other TVB programs anywhere, any time.


For travellers coming to Canada, they will be able to watch Fairchild TV programs in free and paid zones using this travel pass.

TVB Anywhere Travel Pass pricing

A few options are available catering to needs of different travellers. After you activated the service, you will be able to enjoy TVB Anywhere content at various locations 4 within the service period.


For more information and purchase online, please visit

1 Service bound by certain terms and regulations
2 Only available for certain live channels
3 Channels and VOD combination varies depending on the viewing location
4 Not available at China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, New Zealand and the United States