TVB Anywhere Fairchild VOD Zone Launch Party

“TVB Anywhere Fairchild VOD Zone Launch Party” attracted hundreds of fans lining up at Aberdeen Centre in the morning, all longing to meet with the Miss Chinese Vancouver celebrity guests Linda Chung and Gloria Tang. Miss Chinese Vancouver 2003 Linda and 2012 Gloria have made incredible achievements through winning the Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant and Miss Chinese International Pageant, ultimately becoming notable TVB artistes. Their legendary success after joining the Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant made the two champions the best fit as “TVB Anywhere Fairchild VOD Zone Launch Party” special guests, as they celebrated with Vancouverites the launch of this powerful mobile application platform in Canada. Not only was this the first collaboration between Pageant champions Linda and Gloria, the Party was also Linda’s first public interaction with fans in Vancouver since baby Kelly was born, hence, appealing to hundreds of supporters around town to come to the venue.

Emcees Mandy Chan and B. Chiu first introduced the “TVB Anywhere Fairchild VOD Zone”, jointly launched by TVB and Fairchild TV. This content rich mobile application platform features the latest TVB drama, classic dramas, variety shows, live broadcasts of special events and Fairchild TV’s local information and entertainment programs. Episodes 1-5 of the latest hit drama “Line Walker: The Prelude”, aired from September 18th, will be available in the Free Zone. With this app, everyone will be able to get a sneak peek of dramas that have not been aired on TV yet.

The comprehensive introduction of the App was followed by the grand entrance of Linda and Gloria accompanied by the overwhelmingly welcoming cheers from fans for the two local beauties’ return to their hometown. The happily married Linda shared her experience filming of TVB 50th Anniversary drama “At the Threshold of a New Era”, which has just completed the Vancouver filming portion. “At the Threshold of a New Era” is actually Linda’s first drama in two years since giving birth. With her fuller life experience, Linda was able to get into character more easily.

Next up was Gloria’s turn to share her recent updates. Gloria injured her back while filming the online drama “The Exorcist's Meter”, which left her with no alternative but to forfeit her participation at another TVB Anniversary drama “My Ages Apart”. However, this misfortune may have been a blessing in disguise, as she was casted for a role in “At the Threshold of a New Era”, and given the opportunity to work with one of her favorite Miss Chinese Vancouver idols Linda.

After their sharing, Linda demonstrated how powerful “TVB Anywhere Fairchild VOD Zone” really is, by showing the audience what this incredible App offers, including the latest TVB and Fairchild programs, live shows in Hong Kong and Canada, the first ever Miss Hong Kong Pageant, as well as Korean programs on KBS. Next up was for Gloria to walk through the App registration process with the audience. Users who become a member before September 30th can enjoy a 30-day free trial of the paid Canada Basic Pack (Mobile App), and those who purchase the 12-month Canada Basic Pack (Mobile App) before October 31st will receive 15% off subscription fee. After the thorough demonstrations by the two gorgeous ladies, many of the audience simultaneously downloaded the TVB Anywhere App, and immediately registered as a member.

The most anticipated game time with the two celebrity guests finally arrived. Lucky fans were selected to play Charades, as they acted out in pantomime a word or phrase, while Linda and Gloria tried to guess the correct answer, which caused the entire venue to erupt with laughter. After warming up with the first game, they continued with game two, the Number Guessing Game, as they tried to force the opposing team to shout out the chosen number. Next up was the Q&A Game, as the lucky fans were quizzed on the information about the App.

To show appreciation for Linda and Gloria’s support, President of Fairchild Media Group, Mr. Joe Chan presented the artistes with an Aboriginal handcrafted Rainmaker and wished them happy in both their work and family lives.

Lastly, the two beauties signed autographs for each enthusiastic fan while the fun TVB Anywhere Fairchild VOD Zone Launch Party was concluded on a high note.

To let everyone experience how fun this powerful mobile application platform in Canada – TVB Anywhere Fairchild VOD Zone really is, a booth was set up at Aberdeen atrium. Staff at this popular destination for mall visitors walked through the app and the different functions it provides with users, as well as offering special promotions and TVB limited edition souvenirs to exciting new members of the application.