FTV Program Schedule

Canada West Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Canada East
06:00am (6:00-6:40am)Community Bulletin (E)/ News (E)(R)
6:40am Old Time Memory 7/17 onwards Senior Health Care (G)(R)(G)(R)
6:50am Pets(G)(R)
7:00am City Gourmet Guide (G)(R)
Community Bulletin (E)/News (E)(R) 06:00am
07:30am HK Satellite News - Afternoon (E) 07:30am
07:50am HK Satellite News - Afternoon (E)(R) 07:50am
08:10am Entertainment News (PG)(R)
08:30am HK Satellite News (E)(R) / Community Bulletin (E) 08:30am
09:00am HK Satellite News (E)(R) / Community Bulletin (E) 09:00am
09:30am Morning Exercise (E) 09:30am
09:55am Helping Hands (G)(R) In Touch (G)(R)
What's On (E)(R)
The Magicians' Game Of Thrones (G) (R) Mandarin Profile (G)(M)(R) 09:55am
10:25am Leisure Talk (G)(R)
11:05am Drama:A Lawyer To Be Good (45epi)(PG)
7/25 onwards The Witness Of Time #1-5 (20epi) (PG)(S)
12:00pm HK Satellite News (E)(R) / Community Bulletin (E) 12:00pm
12:30pm The Tale Of Chinese Medicine(R) Magazine 26-Remake(G)(R)
7/11 onwards Magazine 26 (G)(R)
Dr. Ho Infomercial* (G) Timeline Magazine-Special (G)(R) News Magazine (E)(R)
01:00pm Proberb By Two (G) 01:00pm
01:05pm Drama:All About Tin (20epi) (PG)
7/10 onwards Ancient Heroes (20epi)(PG)(S)
01:55pm Sitcom:City Japes (433epi)(PG) 01:55pm
02:20pm (Mon-Thur) Sweet Corner(G) Own Sweet Home(G) 02:20pm
02:45pm Dolce Vita(G)(R) Dr. Ho Infomercial* (G)
Health Is A Lifestyle (G)(R)
Finance Magazine (E)(R)
Health & Fitness (G)(R) 02:45pm
03:10pm Big Boy Club (C)
Every Thursdays, 3:05pm-3:35pm - Dr. Ho Infomercial* (G)
03:35pm Gorilla Club (C) 03:35pm
04:00pm Kids, Think Big (C)
04:25pm Mandarin Drama: Hai Shi Fu Qi (45epi) (PG) (M)
7/19 onwards The Three Heroes And Five Gallants (42epi) (PG) (M)
05:15pm Positive Forecasts For Life (G)(M)
7/25 onwards Our Life And Times (G)(M)
05:20pm Pleasure & Leisure (G) 05:20pm
05:55pm Entertainment News (PG)
(every Monday 6:05pm-6:15pm) Window & Doors Select (G) (13epi)
06:15pm Leisure Talk (G)
07:00pm News (E) 07:00pm
08:05pm Drama:House of Spirits (31epi)(S) (PG)
7/21 onwards Daddy Dearest (20epi)(S) (PG)
09:00pm Drama:Blue Veins (33epi) (PG) (S)
6/29 onwards Presumed Accidents (28epi) (PG) (S)
09:55pm Community Bulletin (E)
10:00pm Magazine 26-Remake (G)
7/10 onwards Magazine 26
Belt and Road Initiative (10epi)(G) Timeline Magazine-Special (7epi)(G) News Magazine(E)
The Tale Of Chinese Medicine(5epi)(G) 10:00pm
10:30pm Sitcom:Dinner At 8 (200epi)(S) (PG) (R) 10:30pm
11:00pm now Forum (G) Hungry For Health(G)
Finance Magazine (E)
Health & Fitness (E) Dolce Vita (G)
11:30pm News (E)(R) / Community Bulletin (E) 11:30pm
12:35am Drama:House of Spirits (31epi)(S) (PG) (R)
7/21 onwards Daddy Dearest (20epi) (S) (PG) (R)
01:25am Drama:Blue Veins(33epi) (PG) (S)(R)
6/29 onwards Presumed Accidents (28epi) (PG) (S)
02:15am Sitcom: Come Home Love (984 episodes)(PG)(S)(R)
6/26 onwards Come Home Love: Dinner At 8 (200epi)(PG) (S)
02:40am Sweet Corner (G)(R) 02:40am
03:05am Global Rhythm (G) 03:05am
04:00am Sign Off 04:00am
Canada West
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Canada East

(S) SAP (Secondary Audio Programming) Program runs in both Cantonese and Mandarin
Canadian Television Ratings:
C - Children G - General PG - Parental Guidance
(E) - Shows which are exempt from ratings (M) - with Mandarin audio only
(14+) - Programming intended for viewers ages 14 and older. May contain strong violence and strong profanity, and depictions of sexual activity as long as they are within the context of a story. (R) - Repeat